Emphasising and inflicting the law regarding resolution 32/2 inflicted by the HRC on 30 June 2016. All acts of discrimination and violence towards the LGBT+ community should be treated as a constitutional violation. All delegations in the meeting should agree to impose the resolution interpreted to fit their country’s justice system. As it would be difficult to adjust, it is expected to be underway in the next five years. Punishments should be light but impose better judgement towards the violators. As past attempts on undergoing this resolutions and many alike its fashion has failed, it should be prioritised to echo the importance of this abandoned resolution. Violent acts due to homophobia are still present in many settings, and dealings concerning it have been postponed for too long.Unbiased education should be provided in schools and workspaces. Cases of homophobia are largely caused by biased judgement inflicted upon people since young. By providing education by lectures and presentations, people can come to understand the different perspectives of this issue and avoid the stereotyping of the LGBT+ community. LGBT+ students in schools should be taken into a large consideration because of the harsh bullying and bias against these students. An unsafe environment in school can affect the academic performance of a student and consequently taking away another basic human right.Australia finally proposes the extensive investigation on LGBT+ minors’ trafficking. Due to prejudice against this group, LGBT+ minors are often sensitive due to bullying and reprimand. These actions can cause mental damage which leaves them vulnerable to crimes such as kidnapping which leads to human trafficking. Forced into labour, LGBT+ teens from Africa and the Caribbean often end up in West Europe. Lack of considerations due to prejudice has made this issue undermined. By working together with the local justice officials of each country present and the UNSC (United Nations Security Council), thorough research would be able. Inspections are to be done as soon as possible, conducted by members of the decree stationed in the locations mentioned.

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