The memo verifies the understanding of the intent of the battle and the quality and restraints of the services the house offers. Talbot Auditing Firm will reexamine the fiscal statements of Apollo Shoes at the terminal of the twelvemonth. Talbot scrutinizing house will reexamine the histories such as the operations records. retained net incomes. and hard currency flow histories. An audit’s end is to organize an sentiment about the equity of the accounting records in conformity with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. The audit will be performed harmonizing to auditing criterions by and large accepted in the United States. The house will execute trials of the accounting records and other processs indispensable in saying an sentiment. If the sentiment is non unqualified. the house will give grounds. If the house can non finish the audit. they might non give out a study on the battle.

The house will prove the being of stock list. and confirm receivables and payables and other assets and liabilities by letters to a few clients. creditors. and fiscal establishments. The hearer will inquire for a missive of representation from the company’s lawyer. The lawyer might measure Apollo Shoes for answering to the question. When the house concludes the audit. the house may inquire for written statements about the fiscal statements and other issues. The hearer will transport out the audit to cognize if the records are free of material misstatement. The auditor’s purpose is to give sensible. non absolute confidence.

The hearer will non supply a thorough appraisal of each dealing so a hazard of material mistakes. fraud. and illegal Acts of the Apostless might be and travel unnoticed by the hearer. The house may end the services for default and see the battle completed upon a written petition of expiration even though the hearer fails to finish a study. Apollo Shoes will pay for drawn-out clip and out-of-pocket cost through day of the month of expiration. If you agree to the above conditions of this battle. subscribe the missive at the underside. Please return the signed missive and maintain a transcript for company records. Thank you for your prompt attending to this affair. Do non waver to reach me if you have inquiries.

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