FLASH BACK: – Of all the linguistic communications in the universe today.

English deserved to be regarded as a universe linguistic communication. It is the world’s most widely spoken linguistic communication. It is the common agencies of communicating between the people of different states.English linguistic communication acquisition has its ain chances. Teaching of English as a foreign linguistic communication for many of our pupils and a 2nd linguistic communication for some in our state has non yet achieved the distinct purpose of free communicating of idea.

With the down of independency. some American indians demanded that English should discontinue India with the English. This demand for the abolishment of English from this state was due to domination and development of the British people of our state. Some other people argue that if the survey of English be killed in India. the advancement of this state will be earnestly affected. Because of this contention. the most of import job for us is to make up one’s mind.

what topographic point should be assigned to English in free India.The instruction of English at schools and colleges should be more practical and linguistic communication oriented in order to accomplish the limited aims of larning this of import universe linguistic communication. The content and character of English linguistic communication every bit good as the method of leaving have to undergo a alteration. It should be taught as a linguistic communication of comprehension and communicating. The basic cognition of grammar and construction of linguistic communication demands to be modified. A practical bid of the non literary and non proficient practical bid of the non literary should be acquired at the school age.MY Justification: -It is my ain observation from my instruction experiences after traveling through the jobs of the pupils in English linguistic communication Learning among the big Numberss of pupils which can be aggressively pointed out that the most unfortunate facet about the acquisition of English in the Secondary and Higher Secondary School is the deficiency of any clear cut and come-at-able purpose of criterion of accomplishment in English Language Learning.

This job can be classified into different categories——( 1 ) Lack of Clear Cut Objectives. ( 2 ) More Emphasis on the Mother Tongue. ( 3 ) Poor base or faulty Teaching in Primary Level.

( 4 ) Improper Guardianship at Home. ( 5 ) Lack of Supportive English Speaking Environment. ( 6 ) Non Motivated and Non Interesting every bit good as Substandard text edition. ( 7 ) Unsatisfactory Evaluation System. ( 8 ) Dearth of Competent Teachers. ( 9 ) Indifferent Administration. ( 10 ) No Individual Attention.

( 11 ) Not Using Proper Audio-Visual Aids.So to eliminate the jobs of English linguistic communication larning it must be taken some necessary stairss which will prospect the English linguistic communication. These remedial steps are the chief tools of the prospective thoughts in respect to the development of English linguistic communication acquisition. The of import steps are as follows———————A. Introduction OF DIRECT METHOD: – The direct method of learning English was oriented in France. It is a method by which we teach English straight. Direct method of learning a foreign linguistic communication through conversation. treatment and reading in the linguistic communication itself without the usage of pupil’s linguistic communication.

interlingual rendition. the survey of formal grammar. Therefore. this method is otherwise known as reformal method.Following are some advantages or virtues of the Direct method………( 1 ) It promote the ability of ego thought and self look of English among the pupils. ( 2 ) It establishes a direct association between the word and its significance.

( 3 ) It is the quickest manner to understand. read. write and speak English clearly. ( 4 ) It lays more emphasis on unwritten work.

B. Use OF STRUCTURAL METHOD: – In Structural Approach high precedence is given to speech. The cardinal rule of structural attack is to develop the ability of speech production.

In this method of import is given to the child’s activity instead than the activity of the instructor. The instructor should do the pupils familiar with the given constructions in three signifiers – spoken. printed and written.

The chief rule of structural Approach is boring of new constructions. words and phrases decently by which pupils will understand these decently. In this method direct significance of the words should non be given to the pupils. The instructor should give the theoretical account sentences by utilizing different words with proper significance and clear thought.C. USE OF GRAMMAR TRANSLATION METHOD: – This method has much value if it is used judiciously. It is the easiest method by utilizing interlingual rendition. The instructor can easy do his pupils understand the significance of the English Word.

Its best advantage lies in the domain of vocabulary acquiring. Through interlingual rendition vagueness of significance of the English word or phrase is avoided and word is associated with the native word. The child returns from the known to unknown English words with abstract thoughts which are easy explained in the female parent lingua. This method has been found in utile for a comparative survey or understanding the difference of constructions of sentences in English and the slang.

D. USE OF AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS: – The chief intent of the usage of Audio Visual Aids is to enable the instructor to do his lessons effectual and interesting. Books and other printed stuffs have been the basic tools of learning and they are still of great importance. But audio ocular AIDSs make the state of affairs more exciting. interesting and apprehensible for the pupils. They help to avoid inordinate. empty and nonmeaningful verbalisation in learning English.

They provide direct sense experiences to pupils and assist them to organize clear and accurate constructs in English.E. SPECIFIC METHOD FOR TEACHING PROSE. Poetry: – While the instructor enters to the category to learn prose and poesy. his first effort should be to actuate the pupils with his attractive thoughts of idea. His introductory address is ever really of import for the pupils motive. Then learning techniques must be applied ; such as theoretical account reading by the instructor.

reading loud by the students. expounding of hard words. construction or line. soundless reading by the students.

comprehension trial and in conclusion application trial.Shutting Remark: – In decision my suggestion is that English should non be mandatory instead it should be simple and useful. When the pupil finishes school it is necessary that he should hold gained during the six or seven old ages. a practical bid over the linguistic communication. It is possible merely if we make the environment- state of affairs friendly and future oriented. Teacher.

student. guardian. society. authority…everyone must come forward and work together.

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