1. Background:
An enterpriser is a individual who has strong beliefs about an chance and is willing to accept a high degree of personal. professional or fiscal hazard to prosecute that chance. Entrepreneur frequently undertake and operate new endeavors or ventures and presume answerability for the built-in hazards. In the context of the creative activity of for-profit endeavors. enterpriser is frequently synonymous with laminitis. Engr. Mahmudul Hasan ( Sohag ) . Founder Chairman of Onnorokom group who has completed his graduation from BUET-2006. HSC-2000 from Dhaka Board- 4th base. SSC-1998 from Dhaka Board- 5th base. He is the first adult male in Bangladesh to contrive Electronic Voting Machine ( EVM ) which is now popularly used by election committee of Bangladesh to elect representative in different election. About the company:

The people of Onnorokom group are a group of self-generated people who. rather honestly. dream of constructing up better Bangladesh. Better Bangladesh is a huge construct ; it will practically go true merely when desired development can be ensured in every field of life. They oculus at diverseness. and the name of their group ‘OnnoRokom’ is straight motivated by this spirit. Onnorokom being a Bengali word itself means something different. They are determined to travel beyond traditionality. because it’s their sincere belief that tradition can ne’er do things first-class. The company’s concern:

Pi Labs Bangladesh Limited is a research & A ; development based Electronicss Manufacturing Company chiefly focused on Embedded Systems. FPGA & A ; ASIIC. EVM is one of its premier merchandises.

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Onnorokom Software Ltd. is a taking Software Company of Bangladesh formed to minimise foreign softwares’ laterality through invention of local package with extremely professional package developers.

Onnorokom Solutions Ltd. is an export-import concern oriented company eying at doing a span among the states through the exchange of merchandises to guarantee security. safety and comfort in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life.

Onnorokom Web-Services Ltd. is an e-commerce based company formed to consolidate the construct of e-business in Bangladesh. Two of its celebrated services are www. rokomari. com & A ; World Wide Web. bplpaul. com

Techshop Bangladesh is an on-line retail shop designed to do electronic constituents available to the engineering admirers at their door stairss so that they can concentrate on their inventions entirely.

OnnoRokom Technologies Ltd. is a joint venture of Domestic and Foreign investing with vision to supply technological advantage to people to ease their day-to-day lives. Qrefill. com is one of its prima merchandises.

Oyster is an English Medium School from Play Group to ‘O’ degree housed in a convenient location of Dhaka City. established with a position to guaranting Modern Education with Moral Excellence.

OnnoRokom Prokashonee is established with a position to sponsoring the immature and extremely possible originative authors so that we can convey out a rational alteration in readers’ gustatory sensation and so in their minds.

Contact Information:
Onnorokom Group

ARA Bhaban
39. Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue
Karwan Bazar
Dhaka. Bangladesh
Electronic mail: [ electronic mail protected ]

2. Aims:
The chief aim of the survey is to detect how the company’s operation successful by the initiated of Engr. Mahmudul Hasan ( Sohag ) . There are some aims that an enterpriser has to achieve to get down the organisation in the competitory market. By detecting the enterpriser we think that he is a successful enterpriser because he started his concern at the really beginning of his life and he has all these traits of a successful concern. Now the company increases its capacity and their one-year growing rate is stable. The company utilizes its minimal resource and develops its efficiency every twenty-four hours by the enterpriser. So the turnover of the company increases every twelvemonth. Specific aims:

The proposed aims of this survey will be:
1. To cognize about the dream of our proposed enterpriser
2. To cognize why he could take determination to be an enterpriser 3. To cognize what are the primary obstructions to get down up his concern 4. To cognize how he could pull off these obstructions and running up concern successfully 5. To cognize how he can pull off the company in a successful mode 6. To understand about the preset standards that would assist him to derive success 7. To cognize about the chief traits of our proposed enterpriser that make him successful one

3. Methodology:
The information that will be used in this study will be collected from primary every bit good as secondary beginnings. Primary beginnings: The primary informations will be collected chiefly through informal/formal interviews with the Entrepreneur. Secondary beginnings: Annual studies. diaries. periodicals. and other literatures. web sites etc. will be used. 4. Scope:

Engr. Mahmudul Hasan ( Sohag ) is a difficult worker. ambitious. advanced. honest. optimistic and above all a knowing market leader. He set up new Onnorokom Group ( Dreaming for different Bangladesh ) with aims and attempts to accomplish these aims. His day-to-day work is ever structured and preplanned. He ne’er looks back and ever attempts to follow with ambitious activities. He is a perfect adult male for the new enterprisers non merely our state but besides for the universe to follow. We need this type of individual in every clip in our state.

5. Restrictions:

There will be some restriction we are presuming when we will fix study.
The chief restrictions may be:
1. Hortal
2. Lack of transit
3. Traffic Jam
4. Non response of respondent
5. Lack of cooperation

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