Environmentplays an important aspect in quality of patients’ life.  People have a need for safety and security andlook for those attributes in their environment. Patients’ want to be in theenvironment where they feel comfortable and are surrounded by familiar things.

Theplace that can provide all those things in home. The home environment is one of the mostcritical aspects form maintaining health among people with disabilities.  The most important advantage of home healthcare is its location.  Home health is asystem of skilled services provided to patients in their homes by nurses,physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists,and social workers under a physician’s direction (Jarrin & Flynn, 2014).  Home care provides services for people who aredischarged from the hospital and still need certain medical services. It allowspatient to receive individualized care that meets their specific needs. Manytimes, home care can help the family to delay placing an elderly loved one in anursing care facility.

It is the biggest advantage of seniors to receive homecare, they can stay home instead having to move to an institution. Primary advantage of home care is that aperson gets one-on-one attention, something she would not receive as a residentin a hospital or nursing facility (Keefer, 2017). In the hospital or nursinghome, a nurse has more than one patient. The nurse must divide her time betweenall patients she has. At home patient gets one to one care at the necessarylevel to make them completely comfortable. It means they have completeattention and quality care. It provides physical and emotional benefits. Homecareusually always sends the same person.

Stress and discomfort can negativelyaffect recovery efforts and quality of life. Having familiar person caring for patientsallows them to develop trust in their caregiver. It makes them more open toreceive the help they need especially when it comes to personal care needs suchas dressing or bathing.  

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