In the thick of political and societal turbulence. environmental concerns take a backseat in Pakistan. The people of Pakistan find pride in following western tendencies when it comes to art.

manner. music and scientific discipline. even if it involves slaying our value system.

However. when it comes to environment. wellness. instruction and subject. we prefer to lodge to our old nescient ways. I ever believed that Pakistan could ne’er truly advancement in these sectors due to the attitude of its leaders and general public alike. However. I was cheerily surprised during my visit to the settlements of Fauji Fertilizer Company.

Goth Machhi and Engro Fertilizer Limited. Daharki. The organisation and subject ensured by the settlement governments was singular. Traffic regulations were sacredly obeyed and it was absolutely safe for a clump of misss to travel for a amble at dark. I ne’er imagined I would populate to see the twenty-four hours when Pakistani people would accomplish these two things. allow alone happen them soon bing in some corner of this monolithic state.However.

it was non the subject and security offered there that impressed me the most. Bing an conservationist myself. it was their concern for the environment that filled my bosom with arrant joy. A simple illustration is their attitude towards the usage of plastic. Fauji Fertilizer Company has banned the usage of plastic bags and replaced their public-service corporation with paper bags. Traditional polyethylene bags in common usage all over Pakistan is non-biodegradable. As a consequence.

it threatens to remain in the environment for a long clip after its disposal. However. paper bags being made from tree mush is an organic medium. which is both environmentally friendly and economical to bring forth. On the other manus. Engro Fertilizer Limited has gone a measure further and introduced the usage of oxo-biodegradable plastic bags. which are both reclaimable every bit good as environmentally friendly on disposal.The people working for and populating in these organisations are merely every bit Pakistani as any other individual brooding outside of the settlement boundary lines.

Then why is there such a pronounced difference between their attitudes? We do non hold to leap directly into replacing plastics with options or replacing all gas fired warmers with solar powered 1s. We could get down little by altering our attitude towards our environment. If we could merely recycle all our plastic bottles and plastic bags for domestic intents. retrieve to keep on to our refuse boulder clay we found a bin and to exchange off energy consumers ( electric contraptions. gas contraptions etc ) when non in usage. it would be a immense measure frontward!

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