I read Chapter 9 and looked at all of Erikson’s Eight Stages of Life. I read about the age. psychosexual phase. psychosocial issues. cardinal inquiries. and associated virtuousnesss sing each of the eight phases I believe that the phase I am presently at this this point in my life is Stage 7 which is Mature maturity. I believe I am at this phase in my life because I am 40 old ages old and have past the psychosocial issues that were listed in the other six phases of life. The cardinal inquiry that is posted during phase 7. mature grownup. is “How can I manner a “gift” ? “ ( McAdams. 2009. p. 351 ) . I would hold to state that I consciously sought the reply for my inquiry. I do admit that I still do hold some of the cardinal inquiries and associated virtuousness that are associated with some of the other phases of life. I think that even at my age we still do inquire some of these things. Generativity vs. stagnancy which the age is about 30-65 is the phase where people need to be productive in their callings and the ends they have set for life. if this period is non carry throughing certain persons will go dead and make really small.

I think that is why at the age of 38 old ages old I decided to travel back to school because I felt like my life was non fulfilling and I knew what I wanted in life when it came to ends. I eventually had the bravery to carry through my dream and now I feel like I am on the right route in life. Choosing person who I know is in another phase in their life is kind of hard for me. I would hold to pick my niece Carol though. I would state that she is in measure 5. adolescence and immature maturity. of Erikson’s Eight Stages of Life. This phase is when 1 may hold psychosocial issues such as Identity vs. function confusion. I believe that my niece is besides at the point of Intimacy vs. isolation. She is a really smart individual who is 22 old ages old. She dropped out of school when she had a 4. 0 to work more and be with a adult male who has a kid. is average to her. and now she is pregnant. She has ever been really socially quiet The cardinal inquiry posted during the phase of Adolescence and immature grownup is “How do I suit into the universe? Who am I? ” ( McAdams. 2009. p. 351 ) .

I believe that the cardinal inquiry in phase 7. Young grownup. besides has to make with her. The cardinal inquiry for phase 7 is “How can I love? ” ( McAdams. 2009. p. 351 ) . I can’t say conditions Samantha has consciously or unconsciously sought to reply these two inquiries. I believe that she might hold done it unconsciously though because of the different stairss she took in life without truly believing. For illustration. she is really smart and wanted to be a instructor but because her fellow don’t go to college she dropped out to populate with him and work two occupations while he doesn’t work at all. She gave up her dream fundamentally for love. Now she is pregnant. which I know she will do a great female parent. but Samantha and her fellow are contending all the clip and she is diffident where she fits in with people. I think that she took the incorrect route. but I did to and can’t state her what to make. She had a full scholarship for college that she gave up for love alternatively of carry throughing her dream of being a instructor. I am hopeful that she will acquire back on path after the babe and travel back to college and acquire her grade so she has a hereafter for her and her babe.

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McAdams. D. P. ( 2009 ) . The individual ; An debut to the scientific discipline of personality psychological science ( 5th ed. ) . Hoboken. New jersey: Wiley.

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