Erin Merynn      In today’s day and age, people are not so interested in reading anymore. Now, they are mostly focused and interested in technology and social media. However, what people do not take into account is that writers formulate stories and books that may lead to connections in the readers world. Writers may even help others overcome problems in their lives.

Erin Merryn is an author that perfectly embeds this role. Her books are influential, inspirational and definitely life transforming. All of her three books speak for her, and several victims of abuse.    When Merryn was a young teenager she was sexually abused by her cousin.

He told her it was their “little secret”  and scarred her for the rest of her life. Merryn did not know what was wrong or right, and she surely did not have any control over what was happening to her.  Her abuser threatened her and filled her mind with cruel ideas and convinced her not to tell anyone. All of this abuse finally stopped at age 13.Throughout junior high and high school she was still tormented by memories and flashbacks of her abuse.

She gradually became depressed and suffered anxiety. It was not until her junior year in high school that she decided to confront her abuser. They exchanged several emails in which he asked for forgiveness, and she forgave him, but she stated that all her hate and anguish towards him would never go away. She included this email in her first book, “Stolen Innocence”.    All the tragedy she experienced as a child, inspired her to start writing books; she wanted to turn something negative into something positive. Merryn wrote her first book based on her terrifying childhood. In detail, she explained everything she went through, how she felt, and everything she struggled with during those years, and after.

Merryn wrote about seeing her abuser over and over and not being able to confront him because of her fear that her family wouldn’t believe her. Merryn says she “lost her innocence” watching her family being torn apart when she told them about her abuse. Even though telling her family and not keeping quiet hurt her and her loved ones she was able to overcome it little by little. Speaking up facilitated her healing.

She inspired many sufferers of the same type of abuse to speak up and to stand up for themselves. The victims who read her book were guided and helped to conquer their own past difficulties. Actress Julianna Margulies once said that Merryn’s work was, “Raw, powerful and unflinchingly honest, Stolen Innocence is the inspiring story of one girl’s struggle to become a woman, and a bright light on the pain and devastation of abuse.” (Erin’s Books)     In her second book “Living For Today” Merryn explains exactly how she overcame her trauma and what it was like. She spoke about how she built up her courage to face her abuser and accuse him of all his cruelty. She wrote about her journey to a “fearless life” free of any guilt. In this book her writing helped victims find their way to to a life full of empowerment, forgiveness, and a life without fear. Her last book, ” An Unimaginable Act” truly speaks for the people.

In her last book she wrote about what she did with her life after everything changed and what she did to help others. She explained her journey and her achievements. She also provides ways to help young ones in the same situation and how to prevent it. Through her books and public speaking Erin Merryn has achieved many things for her and other victims. One of her major accomplishments was to establish Erin’s Law in 31 states.

According to public schools are required  to teach body safety in order to prevent sexual abuse of children.    Erin Merryn perfectly fits the role of being the readers voice. She is an author, activist, and speaker. Her books have had great impacts on the lives of others. She has been able to become the voice of others including the “voice” she didn’t have as a child.

Julianna Margulies stated, ” She shares how she turned tragedy into triumph, which has led her on an unstoppable crusade to give children the voice she never had as a child through a very important law that will protect children for generations to come.” (Erin’s Books)

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