EscapeFire PaperAgnesKowalczykUniversityof South DakotaEscapeFire PaperAmodern documentary, entitled ‘Escaping Fire’ reveals a vision into the flaws ofthe U.S. healthcare system. The producers goal is to show the rapid increase inmedical and health care expenses observed over the past few years. As a nation,we have one of the most complex health care systems. Its in-depth knowledge cantake years of research and practice. Eligible consumers seeking coverage can bemisled or taken advantage of by insurance companies or brokers if adequateresearch is not conducted.

Problems in US Healthcare SystemTheProblems in US Healthcare System mostly loom around high cost of services and peoplenot being able to pay for them.  But despitethe expensive medical care there are other issues which lag in United States suchas doctor patient time, obesity, Veteran care system and Veteran mental health.THE COST OFHEALTHCAREUS healthcare system is oneof the most expensive globally.  How is it possible? and what exactlymakes it so expensive? Administrative staffing constitutes one quarter of insurance costs, while theremuneration of doctors is even higher. Prescription medications and medicalequipment are more expensive in the US, when compared to other countries, evenwhen that equipment is produced by the same company. Americans also receivenotably more medical care than people with the same ailments in othercountries. Currently, domesticpatients with health care coverage are tasked with determining the value oftest, drug, or procedure. Third parties externally moderate this decisionthrough co-payments, deductibles, noncoverage, and other such mechanisms (McMahon & Chopra, 2013).

Physicians andhospitals are compensated, regardless of whether the services rendered aredeemed necessary. Despite the complexity of costs, Americans’ spending onhealth services continues to rise. DOCTOR PATIENTTIMEA Physician network means being a great team member whorecognizes that the surest route to sustained quality care is through effectiveteamwork (Cochran & Kenney (2014). A Physicians’ efficiency isoften rated by of the amount of time that they have to do their work. Twentyyears ago, it was found that one of the primary sources of physiciansatisfaction was patient relationships. Similarly, a dissatisfaction wascontinuous on-call responsibilities, pressures of work load, and too littlepersonal free time (Dugdale, Epstein & Pantilat, 2012).

Physicians peraverage are given 10 mins per patient for a visit because their schedules areso overbooked.  A good example observedin the documentary is when patients are desperate just to talk to someone. Physicians who are rushed, or deprived ofadequate examination time can often misdiagnose. This can be compounded bypatients that have more than one problem to discuss.OBESITY NOT TAKENSERIOUSObesity arises when thebody consumes more calories than it consumes. A mere 20 calories a day more- ateaspoon of sugar, gives a mass increase of almost two pounds annually. Aweight gain increase over 20% of the ideal weight that is adjusted to sex andage, is called obesity. Obesity the result of poor eating habits and lack ofphysical activity, while others are predisposed genetically.

Obesity is aserious disease that has serious consequences for bodily functions (Heinemann atal., 2013). It increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and over 90 percent. People with this type of diabetes are obese.

  An overweight person whileresting has pressure on the spine that is ¼ of their weight. Each extra poundcreates a burden for the joints. It may also lead to degeneration and variousdeformities and related ailments: pain, swelling, limitation of mobility in thejoints. With obesity, the spine curves up, and desmopathy occurs. The majorityof overweight people suffer from all kinds of health issues, which can lead toadditional health care expenses.VETERANS HEALTHBUEREAUCRACYThe Veteran health caresystem, commonly known as VeteranAffairs offers an affordable coverage for veterans of foreign wars. It issubject to challenges of disorganization due to government bureaucracy.Veterans face specific war related stress disorders, and injuries that affectmany and are lifelong.

While Veteran health facility staffing levels haveincreased, regional medical and mental health staff has not consistently metthe demand to ensure timely coverage and minimize wait times for getting healthcare.VETERANS MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENTDIFFICULTIES            In combination with military-related diseases, manyveterans develop substance use disorders (SUDs) and a large number ultimatelycommit suicide. Many male veterans are diagnosed with depression, heavy orbinge drinking and alcohol-related problems. These are heavy burdens on healthcaresystem.  Thus, identifying and treatingmental health illness has the greatest potential to mitigate suicide risk.Unfortunately, reluctance to seek help or treatment makes diagnosing andtreating mental illness difficult in this population (Hoge, Auchterlonie &Milliken, 2006).In conclusion responsibility for one’s own health rests on the shoulders of Americancitizens, however, reform of the system is needed.

One of the prioritiesthat should be addressed in Health System is to make healthcare affordable. It wouldbe great if employers could offer more insurance plans so people could choose andcontrol what’s best for them. Also, Disease Management should focus on prevention over curewhich would help with one of my listed major obesity problem in United States. Preventivecare can help not to be driven for quick fixes but rather to be driven by patientcare.                      

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