Eternal Web Pet Ltd is a leading web & Mobile Application Development Company.Eternal offers a full spectrum of Software Application Development Services which include application design, development, maintenance and support along with flexible project scopes and engagement models.Our company offers the following services:Custom application developmentDifferent businesses need different applications as per business requirements, which cannot be satisfied by readymade products. Instead of restructuring readymade products, it is more meaningful to go for Custom Application Development. Custom Application Development can cover most business requirements and improves the scalability of the product thus helping to reduce future maintenance costs.

Application enhancement & upgradeBusiness firms, especially those that depend considerably on information technology (IT) and IT-enabled services (ITES), need to adapt according to the era to enhance return on investment (RoI). Android and iOS application development can be a significant component of business development strategy. You can consider hiring our good mobile app developers to exploit the rising demand for efficient mobile applications.

Third party product customisation.Customizing how your third-party product looks and feels can be a good idea to make your online presence felt in a unique way. A custom product can be made for a particular location or a specific group of visitors.

In most cases, customized products tend to get more success in the online business. Mobile application developmentSmartphones have revolutionized everything from the way business is conducted to the end-user interaction. To remain competitive in the market and innovate as well as offer solutions, an organization must have a comprehensive mobile application development platform.Eternal offers mobile application development services which help organizations adapt to the rapid mobile technology advancements and evolving business processes and fulfill their need for newer customized mobile apps with embedded business processes, rules, and logic. Application Development Life CycleOur company’s application development process encompasses various steps irrespective of the platform for which the application is being created. The following are the crucial stages of the Application Development Life Cycle. 1. PlanWe usually do some planning to achieve a particular goal.

To know that work is finally done, make it a point to incorporate these ideas into updated project undertakings. Remember backlogs can lead to delay in projects and implementations of other guidelines can also affect hitting the target on time.2. Build Once a clear idea of the project is obtained, our developers decide which development model they will follow to deliver the product finally.

There several software development lifecycle models that are used in building the application, and different models are suitable for different scenarios. The choice of development model mainly depends on clients’ requirement-specification, time, and the type of application.3. GrowOur digital marketing team will ensure your application is discovered and downloaded by the right audience.

Our marketing team will provide you with precise and contextual audience targeting services.4. Service Extend, manage and enrich your app’s lifecycle with ongoing servicing from us.

ach and every IT solution implemented in our organization requires regular maintenance for smooth and error-free execution.Servicing will help your mobile app to stay ahead of OS updates, new devices, and different resolutions.Technology Consulting Technology consultations are deeply integrated into every project. From those who have business ideas to implement to those with business problems to solve, with Eternal Web Pet Ltd, you will be given a free technology roadmap consulting before project kickoff and expert technical support at all development stages.We Speak BusinessOur customers do not need to make heads or tails of technological mumbo-jumbo to figure out the type of solution that would best tackle the complexity of their business scenarios. Our Professionals will speak your language and offer a value-added translation of your business needs by converting them into technology solutions coordinated through prototypes and wireframes.

Project Mangement Maturity Management of mature projects saves developers time and ensures that there is an optimal allocation of resources. thus enhancing the quality of project solutionsTechnical Risk Reduction A fascinating software application is not only limited to a good-looking user interface and an immersive user experience. Its also about reduced technical risks through well-contemplated architectural designs and stable functioning solutions that are easy and cheaper to maintain, update and integrate with other systems

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