In this mini instance Mike Stephan is covering with a really hard state of affairs because he is new to the accounting house and wants to affect the superior comptrollers on his battle squad. While scrutinizing for EarthWear. he makes a small error by passing excessively many hours looking at the incorrect bank statements when he is non supposed to travel over a sum of 6 hours. Pressured by the senior on the audit. he is caught between lying about his hours or stating the truth and traveling over budget on the audit. potentially doing the other comptrollers on the squad to look bad professionally. The first option that I have learned about when turn toing ethical issues as a staff hearer would be to speak to the senior on the squad and state him/her precisely what is traveling on.

but the senior is the one stating him to “eat” his hours. Since the director is besides seting force per unit area on the senior to feign the excess hours ne’er occurred. Mike needs to travel straight to the spouse on the squad and state him the issue. Another option would be to listen to the senior and “eat time” so the audit doesn’t go over budget and cost the firm’s repute. A 3rd option would be to enter the to rectify sum of hours spent on the audit.The pros of stating the spouse about the issue would be that Mike followed his responsibility as a CPA to move professionally and ethically at all times.

His actions would be appreciated by the spouse on the squad. A firm’s most of import plus is it’s repute and if foreigners knew that the house was lying about the hours spent on scrutinizing so that would take them to oppugn what other things the house might be lying approximately. A pro for “eating hours” would be that Mike and the other battle comptrollers receive a good rating by non traveling over the budget and the steadfast keeps the semblance of working expeditiously to the client. For the 3rd alternate. a pro would be that Mike followed the codification of moralss and gets recognized for his honestness and treated with more regard within the house. A possible con of stating the spouse about the issue is that he or she might besides be coercing the senior and director to do certain an over-budget audit doesn’t happen. This could take to even more confusion for Mike if everyone on his battle squad is stating him to make something he believes is incorrect.

A downside to listening to the senior and lying about the hours would be that Mike acted unethically and went against the accounting codification of moralss every bit good as his ain. Last. a downside to stating the truth about the hours would be that Mike and the other comptrollers all receive a bad public presentation rating and the house looks inefficient to the client. Besides. the excess clip spent working on the audit might do the comptrollers look less competent at making their occupation.

The deductions of “eating time” allows the house to bear down an audit at a certain sum of hours that looks good to the client. when in world the comptrollers spent extra hours because the budget was non plenty to truly complete the audit. For the house this construct prevents an over-budget audit and the hearers are perceived at being great at their occupation ( since clip is money ) . which the accounting universe prides itself on. Mike learned about moralss and how these state of affairss might happen in existent life. He knows that “eating time” is unethical and this one petition by the senior could take to a way of more unethical determinations being made down the route. If Mike decides non to listen to Alex and enter the accurate clip spent on the hard currency audit.

so he is salvaging himself and the house from being caught for doing a false averment.Auditing takes clip and efficient usage of that clip. nevertheless. when a error is made in clip allotment.

it does non intend that the house has justification to lie. This might do the battle squad to be scorned on working more expeditiously. but it is more of import for all parties involved that the house upholds unity in all state of affairss. It is clear that eating hours is incorrect and perchance illegal. so the last alternate to enter the accurate clip spent scrutinizing hard currency is the best pick for Mike. It is clear that this house has a deficiency in controls since both the director and senior were coercing Mike to make the incorrect thing.

The superior comptrollers might larn from Mike and recognize that what they were inquiring him to make was unethical.Besides. the house will non acquire caught for lying so their repute will stay undamaged to this client every bit good as the remainder of the audit goes good.

If I was in this state of affairs I would hold been really frightened to stand up to the senior and director and travel against what they asked me to make. However. I would cognize that by “eating time” I was seting my occupation in hazard since I would be the one to fault because it was my extra hours of work that I chose to disregard in my study. The Professional Code of Ethics for comptrollers is something that is drilled into all CPA’s particularly since the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

It would be hard to let myself to rip off on entering my hours when I have learned all of the effects of being unethical in the accounting profession.

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