eve the author was trying to show us
how fortunate Dr. Sassall really was and how his patients were showing us that
in different ways.

As for my future, I have known what I want to study for graduate school, which
made it easier for me to answer the assessment questions. What makes one
fortunate is that they are happy with what they do, and what they are pursuing.
In the book A Fortunate Man, Dr.
Sassall was fortunate because he loved what he was doing for a living. I
believe that one can be fortunate if he truly is happy with what he does, and
has passion for it. Knowing what you want to study and doing it, does not make
you lucky. I believe luck is something that is given to you, and not something
that is earned. Luck is given to us by chance or accident. Luck is
unpredictable and we as human cant determinate when or what kind of luck it is.
When someone is fortunate, that it means the person has influence on whatever
task, job, or responsibility are given to them.

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As I mentioned, I want to study National Security,
and intelligence. To be more specific I want to work as an intelligence analyst
in the private sector. I believe that knowing your path, and knowing what you
want to do with your life, it will makes life easier.  In order to do so you have to take the right
steps to achieve those paths towards your goal makes you fortunate, rather than
lucky. You are earning more than you are given which allows one to be fortunate
rather than lucky.

While doing the assessment, I was answering
the questions based on how much I like or didn’t like different jobs I was
being proposed. Because I know what I want to do in future, and what master’s
program I want to take in order to have that “dream job” I want, the assessment
figured it out easily by putting me into one of the categories. I also believe,
that the assessment could have been more specific instead of having similar
question within one field.  

I believe that I am fortunate to know what I want to become
and do what I want to do. But sometimes being fortunate is a hard thing to
accomplish. One big issue with being fortunate is that it needs to be pure,
meaning you have to believe in what you are doing. While reading the book I
felt that the author was telling us that Dr. Sassall is not only helping the
patients to feel better, but to he is doing all this work to feel fortunate.
One example is when John Berger said “Sassall needs to work in this way. He
cures other to cure himself.”1


To understand what fortunate is, we can look
at the book, and how Dr. Sassall’s life was described. “Sassall lives in one of the larger
houses of the village, he is well dressed, he drives a Land Drover for his
practice, another car for his private use, and his children go to the local
grammar school.”2
This is a great example on hard work and fortunate he gained by those years of
hard work.

However you can see your own fortune
by how other people show it. One great example is how Dr. Sassall is respected
and “The attitude of the villagers and foresters to Sass all’s privilege is
complex. He has got a good brain, they said, with brain like this – and then,
remembering that he belongs to them, they realized that his choice of their
remote country practice again implies a kind of privilege: the privilege of his
indifferent to success…. He does more than treat them when they are ill: he is
the objective witness of their life. They seldom refer to him as a witness.”3
Fortunate can be gained in different form such as helping other. Lucky can be
recognized by others around you as well as fortunate. 

Traveling to different countries and
experiencing other culture also helped me knowing what I want to do in future.
Because of the experience I had before entering college, being placed into one
of the category I want to do in future wasn’t surprising. Because it wasn’t
surprising it wasn’t luck in any shape or form.

I believe by being placed into investigative, social and enterprise I was not
lucky but fortunate to know what I want to do in future. As Dr. Sassall was
fortunate to do what he does in the village. I believe that every human being
chooses their destiny no matter if it is good or bad. Being put into category
is because you either know what you want to do in future or you don’t know
which the assessment can lead do to helping you find something you are
interested in.     

Fortunate is something we strive for and would work hard to
achieve. It is hard to be fortunate without working for it. Unlike luck where
you are given the opportunity without any work. I have been playing soccer for
20 years. When I got appointed to be captain for the soccer team I got was
fortunate because I worked hard for 20 years to lead a whole team in and out of
the field. A lucky person would have been a person who just joined the team and
never played soccer but is appointed as captain. Another example is when I went
to Africa I was fortune to meet some people who never had a whole lot of food,
but was still happy with what they have. Like the famous Curtis Jackson once
said “some people are born with very little: some are fortunate enough to have
it all. When I grew up, we didn’t have much. I had to hustle to get what I
wanted… but I had that hunger for more. I didn’t always make the right choices,
but I learned from my mistake.” However living in African for few years, I have
seen people with very little money, but they are still fortunate with what they
have. They have love and happiness, and for them that’s what it takes to be
fortunate. I do believe that that money is the biggest factor to be fortunate
unlike being lucky. Being lucky also gives you short happiness while being
fortunate is long term. But traveling to Nairobi (Kenya) I have seen people who
are close to been homeless but still consider them to be fortunate enough.
However, being fortunate is a state of mind, which is different from one person
to another.


            Few months
ago I was reading an article about a woman. The article was about how
successful the women is but she is still unfortunate. Her name was Tennis
Carry, Carry is great example on how a person can be lucky and have wealth,
success but still not be able to be fortunate. Carry has everything a person
could ask for, wealth, success, and great job. She is still striving for
happiness which is a big part of being fortunate. But when I was comparing her
life with the life of Dr. Sassall, I noticed that he is very fortunate because
of the community he lives in, doing the job he does, and also being successful
makes him also a fortunate man. But Dr. Sassall unlike Carry seems to be
happier and is in better state of mind. 
Dr. Sassall is fortunate man rather than lucky. He worked for where he
is and didn’t take the easy way out. He did not win lottery to become doctor
and went to medicine school. He loves what he does and helping poor people
makes him feel better.

I believe that I worked hard to be at
the place I am. Graduating in few week and heading to graduate school allows me
to be fortunate. The reason why I am fortunate is because I am happy with the
path I took and taking, I still have passionate about what I want to pursued in
future. Like Dr. Sassall worked hard for achieving his sense of fortunate. When
reading A Fortunate Man carefully you
can see how fortunate Dr. Sassall was and how his patients proved that to the
reader by sharing their stories to the author of the book. I believe that Dr.
Sassall fortunate rather than lucky person.

I believe that being fortunate is
being happy. Happiness is a very individual state that depends on a lot. Are
there banknotes and coins that make us happy? We have to be careful to explain
what kind of happiness it is. Being fortunate and happy is long lasting
happiness. While being lucky and happy is short term. The French author Albert
Camus claims that it’s just a form of spiritual snobbery that makes people
think they can be lucky without money. What is happiness? To answer the
question what characterizes happiness is impossible to answer, but one thing is
clear that it is relative. A person who has work and family can be happy over something
like this in other situations would not even have thought of.

It becomes easier to explain and
understand what happiness is for different people if you draw a parallel to
Maslow’s needs’ staircase. Human needs are divided into five levels. The principle
is the same as in a regular staircase, one has to go up for the first step to
get to others. The first level is bodily needs such as food, drink and sleep.
At this level, happiness is food for the day, not to starve simply. To achieve
happiness on this planet is the money resource you have to have. The second
level is security needs, which includes, for example, a house or a home where
you feel safe. Here too, money is the resources you need to be able to climb
on. The third level is community and affection, which is to get the feeling of
tenderness and love from another person. Having a friend you can talk to and
trust in. The fourth level is the need for appreciation, the feeling that you
need and the things you do is beneficial to others. The fifth level is the need
for self-realization, which means that you can realize yourself and make a

Now I think that being for
fortunate money is not necessary, while for luck, money is. For the fortunate
happiness plays massive role. As I said earlier, one has to get up for the
first step to get to others, etc. which means money is a must. We can share luck
through money but we can’t share fortunate.  The claim that money can lead to short time
happiness, one example is ones mental state of mind. In fact, money is good
luck. Ask the same question to people who starve in many countries in Africa if
money is food. They would answer you back saying “money means food.” Physical
happiness is to be measured and to be warm and safe and this is achieved only
with the power of money.


Luck and being fortunate is very different
mental state of mind. Luck and money correlate a lot.  I thought I was completely wrong to say a
couple of weeks ago. But, for being fortunate you have to be happy. In fact, to
be fortunate the physical happiness must be satisfied before it is about mental
happiness. The mental happiness is not about money and that’s why “we with
money” have difficulty understanding that money don’t lead to fortunate
but happiness do. If there was no money, I think the criteria for achieving fortunate
would have been completely different. On the other hand, I believe that the
property of man who gives us the subconscious need to own and have power would
have to be eliminated if a world without money would work. As man works today
it would be impossible to live in such a world because if no money had not
existed we would most likely have something else in its place.

I believe that I am fortunate because I have all the happiness I need. Except knowing what I want to be in future I am living a life where a fortunate man would. A poor man in Africa can also be fortunate but his state of mind have to be way different. He have to acknowledge that money is not fortunate but happiness is. Few weeks ago I was reading an article about which countries are the most fortunate. According to the World Happiness Report in 2013, Danes are the most fortunate people in the world. Immediately behind Denmark in measuring are Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden. It is the result of a gallup survey conducted in 156 of the world’s countries between 2010 and 2012. Even in a previous fortunate report, based on a gallup survey that was completed in 2011, top rankings went to countries in Scandinavia: Denmark, Finland and Norway. What then makes the Danes so fortunate? Prosperity plays a certain role, but “knowing that someone has to count in difficult times”, as the authors say, is more important. Social policy in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries creates a safety net that protects citizens from the worst effects of unemployment, illness and addictions. According to the authors, long-term life expectancy, freedom, the absence of corruption, and generosity (measured by how much money is donated for charity purposes) are other important factors contributing to happiness. I believe this is what makes me fortunate. Being born in a country which is ranked as one of the most fortunate countries in the world. I believe this gives me and other people from Scandinavia more edge over other.
Fortunate means I am feeling a real joy over life. It could be about that experience something that makes you feel happy with yourself or feel proud of something as one has done. On the other hand, it can also be about not feeling too busy need to perform. I see myself as happy, but believes there are always things I can improve or strive for, striving for something is part of luck. To be fortunate, can also mean that I can look another person in the eyes of the beholder when somebody admires one for one’s achievements.

In sum I do believe that I as well as Dr. Sassall are fortunate to have
been raised in environment where we can improve our life and others. Dr.
Sassall is fortunate to help other people in the community who are sick or in
pain. I can’t say that a lot of people would switch there life to move to a
poor country side and help other people. DR. Sassall live better live than most
people in the community. He had more resources to work with than other people
in the community and that makes him fortune man. I do believe that his passion
for work also played a big role into become fortunate man. I have a lot of
small doubt believing that he was fortunate. One of the reasons it felt that he
does this job to cure himself which seems a bit sketchy. A fortunate man wouldn’t
do that. If you really are fortunate enough you would do it from your heart not
because it makes you sleep better or feel better. But like I said before Dr.
Sassall would have hard time getting fortunate if he is doing all this work
just to feel good instead of helping sick people. Happiness which is part of fortunate,
is something indescribably important for
us people, something that one can say shines up our everyday lives and
“shines” up the dark, negative of us. Everyone wants us to feel
happy, everybody wants to find fortunate with someone or something sometime in
their life or am I out and running right now? Feeling happy can mean having fortunate
life. So when you feel that everything goes together in everyday life for
yourself and when you are close to one, you feel good. But to get there, it’s a
lot about your own will and development. If you decide to feel fortunate then
you usually get it. When you ask yourself the question or ask the question of
what we want in life, the answer will be most often; to be happy, or happier.
The same answer is given when asking what we most of all want our children in
the future.  Happiness therefore means extremely much to us people and can
actually be said to be the meaning of our lives. We always strive for something
better and this is made especially for ourselves but also for others.  Fortunate
is also something you find in yourself by being content with who you are and
hence we come back to much about your own will.

I have to say, money plays a massive role. One can claim that
you can be fortunate because of all those wealth you might have received from
your parents or relative. Money can go either way but because money is
something that comes and goes it wouldn’t always lead you to being fortunate. Kerry
is perfect example of that. She has wealth but still looking to be fortunate. She
have been trying so hard to improve her life style in order to be fortunate

I do believe that I am fortunate to pursue my master degree
and be fortunate enough to know what my future are. Luck did not bring me here,
if so the luck would have run out. I am few days from graduating from political
science degree and heading to masters. All that is because of hard work I have
put in and passion for education. I am striving for better and greater goal in
life. I am string for greater things in life and improving my goal every day. One
of my favorite soccer player (Ronaldinho) once said “For me soccer provides so many emotions, a
different feeling every day. I’ve had the good fortune to take part in major
competitions like the Olympics, and winning the World Cup was also
unforgettable. We lost in the Olympics and won in the World Cup, and I’ll never
forget either feeling.”4
Being my role model, he is one of the people I look up to, and say I am maybe
not as fortunate as him but I will be one day. He was from the slums of Brazil
and grew up being poor. He worked
his way up and now considered one of the
best soccer player to have played the sport soccer. What I am trying to say is
that sometimes you can live the worst live but you can be fortunate if you have
that passion and the drive that Ronaldinho has or in this case Dr. Sassall









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