Ever wished that your school never gave you homework? Homework is good practice and all but it can also be very overwhelming. 1 in 5 teens deal with stress, stacking up homework would not help them at all. With everything going on in the world it is hard for families to really connect, do you really think that homework is going to help that? With the technology we have now and days humans have become really lazy, physical activity is needed. Let’s face the music here, homework is as much help as we thought. Homework. We all have it, and most of us hate it. Homework is given out like candy on Halloween, so I understand if it can get quite overwhelming. It was even reported that about 49% of students feel a great deal of stress. Can you imagine having to do a lot of homework in a short period of time? It’s easy to feel rushed when you have so much work to get done. Speaking from experience, stress can really affect your grades in a negative way. Dealing with large amounts of stress and having to complete so much work isn’t an easy task to complete. So can you blame students for not liking homework? Now and days, families are so disconnected. We spend so much time looking down at our devices, that we ignore the people around us. We spend an average of about 8 hours in school, so most of the day we don’t get to see our families. What if your parent works and night shift? By the time you get home from school your parents would already be gone. But let’s not forget that we get to spend the weekends with them! That is until we get so much homework that we find ourselves locked into work mode for 2 days straight. Ever had to skip football practice because it let out too late and you had large amounts of homework to complete? Now you have to miss out on your daily dose of physical activity. Students spend about 8 hours at school, they sit for about 75% of the day. Students rarely have time during the school day to get in enough physical activity. Now, when they get home they have work to do stopping them from completing any physical activity. In conclusion, students shouldn’t get any homework. Homework piles up and eventually add stress to students. Students find themselves disconnecting from their families because they are too busy rushing to get work done. Students aren’t active either, we can thank homework for that one. I guess homework really is not as good as we thought it was.

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