Every day dozens of news stories are published
regarding the government. And although these stories are supposed to give us
insight into our legislature, can we trust what is being said is undoubtedly
unbiased truth? It’s hard to say, and that’s why ifl had the opportunity to sit
down with a legislator and ask them my questions, I would not take the
opportunity for granted. I am most curious about what their jobs entail and if
they have ever been in a position when doing their job was almost too difficult
to bear. Furthermore, I would like to know how it feels to have direct power to
the government, and if, to their best knowledge, the media is accurate
regarding politics and politicians.

lot of my questions would be based around what, specifically, that legislator
does. Do they follow a routine, or do their tasks vary depending on what is
going on that time?

Additionally, I have heard all my life that many
politicians are “liars” and “crooks”, and that some lack
morals. With that said, I would ask if, in doing their job, they ever had to do
some questionable things, such as lie, and for what reason. Was it for the
greater good? Or did they do it to make themselves look better? On the other
hand, being a legislator cannot be easy, so I might ask if their job has ever
become so wearisome that they considered giving it up. What is the hardest
thing about the job? Does it ever become unbearable? These questions are geared
more towards validating what I already know, and really giving me insight into
what it is like being a part of the legislature.

inquiries also lean towards how they feel about their job. What is it like to
possess direct power within the country? Having the ability to make a
difference, positive or negative? Not only do these questions feed my
curiosity, but they also might show how our leaders think, and if their power
is ever something they might take advantage of. Besides that, other questions
would probably be directed more at the media than the legislators. Citizens,
including myself, refer to the media for current information and knowledge
about the world, but we have gotten to a point where we cannot always trust
what is being said. For this reason, I would ask if, based on what they already
know and what they have seen in the news, the media is portraying accurate

Overall, having the opportunity to openly interview
a legislator would be very exciting. Getting to know what their job is really
like and how they feel about it is interesting to me, not only as a citizen but
as a possible future politician myself. Finding out if the media is reliable is
also important, especially since it can help me better understand legislators
decisions and not jump to conclusions so quickly based solely upon inf01mation
on the news.

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