Every year we send our children to school to come home full of textbook information that is irrelevant and doesn’t give them what they need to succeed in life.

We expect them to sit in class with no hands-on of anything and then jump into the world no experience on how it really is. We send them to war and into careers that a lot of the time, they fail in because they don’t have the proper education they need and deserve.Prepares Us for Reality Going to school and learning about history and math is not what prepares us for what’s really out in the world. What we currently teach is what has happened, not what is happening, could happen in a few days but what we have already marked as the most important parts of the past. Our educators need more training on teaching our children and adults of what is in the today world and currently going on, so they can be better prepared for what they will be facing when they graduate.Teaches Us to Think and Take Responsibility Programming historical events and to use calculators in Algebra is not the way to teach us to have our own minds.

It’s a repeat of information that we remember for the rest of our lives to go off of and that is wrong. We are not supposed to have all the answers, we are supposed to think and analyze everything before we do it and learn from our own mistakes, not the mistakes of another decades before. Teaching us to think and make wise decisions teaches us responsibility. Without it, the whole world will be the 40-year-old man or woman in a family members house trying to get on our feet but keep ending back in a hole.

Gives Us Better Education Our teacher’s and educator’s education is important for our own education. They are supposed to be role models and teachers, not robotics that constantly need fixing but rather real people that want to learn and help others with the knowledge they have learned and teach us what they know of reality. Giving our teachers a better education gives us a better education and our next generations will be wiser, smarter and have the answers because they learned from themselves.

Our next generations will think for themselves and motivate us to take responsibility and keep moving forward rather than bouncing back into solitude.

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