human born as different individual, some have differences in their physic and
some have differences in their psychology. Discrimination comes as the result
of differences, some people who cannot accept the differences they will do
anything to make other people who does not same as them feels uncomfortable.
There is so much discrimination, and racism is the branch of discrimination.
Racism is discrimination based on racial, racial identical with skin color,
shape of eyes, language, religion, and may just from our origin.  Today, the term of racism is used more
broadly to apply to racial unfairness and discriminatory beliefs, actions,
desires, projects, persons, groups, social institutions, and practices (Garcia,
1997: p. 1436). Racism has been hereditary from generation to generation,
recurrent feature of the social sciences has been efforts to prove that there
are inherited racial and gender differences these efforts, although earlier
debunked, become reincarnated under different guises (Fairchild, 1991: p.101).
People who do not accept the differences between each other, create the gap and
social classification based on race and put them self in top of classification.
This social classification inherited from generation to generation and makes the
great depression in America society.

the social classification exist in society, people who felt himself and his
races better and at the top of the classification will doing racial
discrimination to the other races. It was because they felt that they were more
powerful and civilized than other races. When discussing racism, according to
Joseph in (Srivanto, 2001: p.13-15), there are two conflicting perspectives,
the first is racism in the scientific perspective of human effort to identify
both of ethnological and anthropological about the origins of man and classify
humans based on patterns physical possession. Racism is also understood as the
non- scientific perspective that is a form of prejudice. In this case racism is
a belief (belief) that human beings can be differentiated into various races
and a member of a race will be inferior to other races. Basically the term
racism is used to identify people and not to classify people based on their
physical condition, but at the field people use racism to classify people and
as a reason to deal inappropriate action toward other races. 

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