These are really powerful words. Even though Native Americans were the first settlers’ of the continent. they were considered immigrants. This paper will discourse the issues these people faced. such as stratification. pluralism. favoritism. etc. It will besides depict the function of political relations. public policies and economic sciences within this group. The narrative of Native Americans. like other cultural groups. is a narrative of fraudulence.

It began when Christopher Columbus and his European friends foremost came to North America. Columbus assumed he reached India ; hence he had no jobs with naming the native people “Indians” . These autochthonal people taught the Europeans how to last on their continent. They were experienced in runing and garnering so they felt it was merely just to portion their cognition to assist a fellow adult male out. In return these work forces brought diseases to these folks and forced them into a type of bondage.

“As a conquered population. the subordination of Indians occurred through a extremely conflictual procedure. An autochthonal group invaded by a more powerful colonist group can merely capitulate or. more normally. resist. This ordinarily makes for a high degree of struggle and rejection of assimilation into the dominant group” ( Marger. 2012 ) . The North American settlers’ deemed the indigens barbarian and inferior ( refering to engineering ) . Contact and ethnocentrism is a factor of stratification but are non every bit of import as competition and differential power.

The land. as a valued resource. caused competition between Indian-white dealingss. The land was non viewed as private belongings. The Europeans’ technological accomplishments are what gave them the advantage in war. “When the immensely superior weaponries of the colonialists were combined with the inability of Indians to defy the diseases introduced by the Europeans. it was inevitable that Whites would predominate in the battle for resources and that Native populations would decline” ( Marger. 2012 ) . The indigens did non desire to conform to the civilization of the new settlers’ .

They were ferocious with them and did non desire to take on anything they had. The impression of Indians as “savages” speaks to the bias and favoritism that was brought up earlier. This served as concluding for depriving them of their land. Once it was established the “Indians” posed no menace to the Europeans. they produced a racialist political orientation that allowed them to handle these autochthonal people as less than homo. Some people were forced onto different reserves. therefore delivering negative stereotypes. attitudes and actions.

As if interrupting the Native Americans down and casting them of their land was non plenty. the Europeans’ forced them to absorb. Native Americans. in order to be a portion of the American manner. had to give up their faiths and set Christianity in its’ topographic point. “denying Indians native linguistic communications and replacing English. and cut downing instruction to an attempt to ‘civilize’ Indians” ( Marger. 2012 ) . Their kids were separated from their households for old ages at a clip when they were placed in embarkation schools. run to by the authorities.

They were taught to talk English. have on Westernized vesture. and pray as Christians ( Marger. 2012 ) . Government policies had two ends. in a nut shell. it wanted to “ ( 1 ) extinguish the Native American population as an hindrance to western colony and the demands of an spread outing American economic system. and ( 2 ) eradicate Native American civilizations and political forms” ( Marger. 2012 ) . No affair where the Native Americans reside. urban countries or on reserves. they are below the national norm on bulk of the socioeconomic steps ( I. e. . income. instruction. wellness attention. and etc. )

These give the Europeans more grounds to pigeonhole and know apart. Indians were and are still on the underside of the hierarchy and hence the minority. To reason. the indigens have been through so much and have yet to come back from it all. Their land was taking over and they were forced to conform to the ways of the Europeans. The Europeans’ high quality meant their civilization was more enhanced and hence needed to be implemented. Discrimination was strong.

The contempt for the indigens was exemplified when their kids were taking off from their households so they can be taught to talk English. and other ways of the West. Today. Americans are demoing understanding for the continued quandary of the Native Americans. Although we can non take back what happened. showing understanding is a positive start. Reference Marger. M. ( 2012 ) . Race and cultural dealingss: American and planetary positions ( 9th ed. ) . Belmont. Calcium: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

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