Exercising the body and giving your body the right nutrition is one of the most important things in your everyday life. It affects the health of your whole body and the type of day you have everyday.  This can help prevent gaining unwanted weight and disease. Different types of cancer can be avoided by exercise and nutrition. Your body can’t function the right way if you do not properly exercise and give it the nutrition needed. These can also affect your mood day to day. Good exercise and nutrition leads to a good mood, but if they’re bad you will have a bad mood. Your body has 11 major muscle groups. The first is the quadriceps. It has four parts to the whole group which includes the rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, and vastus intermedius all around the front and sides of your thigh. Three exercises for the quadriceps include squats, lunges and the leg press. Second is the hamstrings located in the thigh between the hip and knee. Three exercises for the hamstrings are clean deadlift, power snatch, and lying leg curls. The calves are another major muscle group located at the bottom of your leg in the back. Three exercises are double leg calf raises, single calf leg raise, and jumping rope. The chest muscle is located in the upper chest going from the shoulder the the breastbone. Three exercises are bench press, dips, and pullovers. The back muscles are attached to the back of the spine. They give the body the ability to stand and lift objects. Three exercises are barbell deadlift, wide grip pull up, and single arm dumbbell row. The shoulders located around the shoulder cuff. Three exercises are upright cable row, front barbell raise, and cable front raise. The triceps located in the upper part of the arm in the back between your elbow and shoulder. Three exercises are tricep pushdowns, bench press, and dips. Biceps are located right next to the triceps. Except at the front of your arm between the elbow and shoulder. Three exercises are bar curl, dumbbell curls, and incline hammer curls. The forearms located at the bottom part of your arm between the elbow and wrist. Three exercises ae behind the back cable curls, reverse curls, and towel cable row. The trapezius located in your back. It is used for moving, rotating,  keeping the shoulder blade in place and extending the head and neck. Three exercises are bent over row, fly, and shoulder shrug. Lastly the abs are located in front of the abdomen. They help with regular breathing, support spine muscles, and keep organs in place while lifting. Three exercises are  sit ups, leg raises and planks. There are seven essential nutrients your body need to work properly. Carbohydrates give the body glucose that is transferred to energy for the body to function and do activities. Three food with carbohydrates are bread, beans, and popcorn. Protein can be found in cells of your body and are needed for the structure, function and regulation of the tissues and organs in your body. Three foods with proteins are eggs, peanuts, and almonds. Fats store energy for our body to use later, they insulate us or keep us warm, and they keep our vital organs safe. Three foods with fats are avocados, olives, and walnuts. Vitamins help with your immune system and can heal wounds. Along with store energy and heal cells. Three food with vitamins are papaya, citrus fruits, and strawberries. Minerals help the development of your body like growing and staying healthy. Three foods with minerals are bananas, apricots, and meat. Fiber helps with mineral movement in the digestive system and increase your stool size. This is very helpful if you have constipation. Three food with fibers are oats, peas and beans. Water is used for the temperature of your body and other bodily functions like breathing sweating and digestion. That’s why it is always good to stay hydrated. Three food with water are cucumber, tomato, and carrots. Three benefits of proper nutrition are the health of your heart. It lowers the risk of heart diseases and your is one of the most important organs if the not the most important. So you need it healthy. Another is energy. You need energy to do pretty much everything. Without it you can’t play, work, jump, anything. So you need energy. Third is weight control. If you have good weight it can make your emotions better everyday and make you happy and make you look good. Three examples of how nutrition affects us overall are that it prevents disease. This can help you live longer and make sure you are healthy everyday. Nutrition can help the growth of your body. Make sure you are becoming strong and the right height and weight you need to be. Lastly nutrition keeps the heart healthy. You need a healthy heart in order to live. Or else you can get heart diseases like heart attacks and die at a younger age than you should die. In conclusion exercise and proper nutrition may be one of the most important things in everyone’s lives. Exercise can keep your body strong and in shape along with looking good and feeling even better. Nutrition also helps with health of your body and looking and feeling good. Most importantly these can help with your emotions day to day and the ability to do everyday activities. If you exercise and have good nutrition  your mood will be great and that helps with the quality of your life. If you have good nutrition you will have energy to do whatever you need to do to get through your day as easy as possible.

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