The motion of molecules from an country of greater concentration to an country of less concentration is called Diffusion. Osmosis is the diffusion of H2O through a selectively permeable membrane from an country with greater concentration of H2O to an country with less concentration. A Hypertonic Solution is a solution of a higher concentration of solutes and a smaller concentration of H2O molecules than another solution. However. an Isotonic Solution is a solution that contains an equal concentration of solutes and of H2O molecules. the same as another solution. A solution that contains a lower concentration of solutes and a higher concentration of H2O molecules than another solution is called a Hypotonic Solution. A cell that has a Selectively Permeable Membrane has a plasma membrane that allows certain substances to go through through more readily than others.

From this I have come up with a hypothesis of what will go on with the 2 bags. The one containing fresh H2O and set into salt H2O will lose weight. based on a Hypertonic Solution stated above. However. the bag incorporating salt H2O and put in fresh H2O will derive weight based on the Hypotonic Solution besides stated above.

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1. First we folded one side of the membrane-like bag we were given and tied it shut over the folded portion.

2. Then we filled it 2/3 full of fresh water and tied the other terminal shut. and weighed it.

3. Next we weighed it and put the bag into the seawater.

4. After that. we did Steps 1. 2. and 3. except. we filled the bag 2/3 full with seawater. weighed it. and set it into fresh water.

5. After about 30 proceedingss we went back and took both bags out and weighed them.


Before we placed the bags in the salt and fresh H2O we weighed them. The bag filled with fresh water weighed 18. 3 gms and the bag incorporating the seawater weighed about 23. 9 gms. After they had soaked in their rightful Waterss for about half an hr we weighed them once more. The fresh water weighed 16. 2 gms and had sustained an 8. 9 % lessening of weight. The seawater weighed 25. 1 gms and had attained a 9. 5 % addition of weight.


Well. the fresh water bag lost weight through the Hypertonic Solution theorem. Because there was no salt in it. the fresh H2O left the cell to blend with the salt outside its cell. No salt molecules could acquire in. in return. The seawater bag had gained weight during the 30 infinitesimal clip period. It had done this through the Hypotonic Solution theorem. The fresh water outside the bag ( cell ) had entered it because there weren’t many H2O molecules inside the cell. Causing the bag filled with seawater to derive weight.

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