Introduction of Communication

The definition of verb to communicating is, “ to leave, to convey, to win in conveying Information ” In hotel there is a considerable sum of information to be transmit ted to and organize staff in assorted section, every bit good as to GUEST, CUSTOMER, SUPPLIERS, and OTHERS. There are, for illustration, the lines of communicating to and from the response office of a hotel. Communication can interchange of information, thought, or experiencing it involves at least two or more persons and involves of communicating by:


NON-VERBAL=COMMUNICATION WITHOUT WORDS ex: organic structure linguistic communication, oculus contact.




Information sought and given in a assortment of ways: but whatever the signifier of communicating, there are certain points that need to be established. WHAT IS THE MESSAGE? WHO SHOULD RECEIVE IT? WHEN SHOULD IT BE SENT? WHAT IS THE MOST SUITALBE WAY OF SEND IT? IS IT INTELLIGIBLE? HAS IT BEEN RECEIVED AND UNDERSTOOD?


Procedure of communicating:

1.TRANSMITTER is a individual or group of peopl who send the message to receiver transmitter an thought ad feelings.At the same clip sender need to utilize the selected method or media to convey through unwritten or written

2. Message is an thought that has been encode and forminto the message.It simple and easy to understand and it require knowledge and experience and aim of the message

3.RECEIVER is the individual who receive the message from procedure one sender and procedure two message.Interpretation and delegating significance. Receiver, receive the message harmonizing to the value.

Communication fail due to Barries

Barriers of communicating

When the: 1 ) The sender is non clear deficiency of experience of cognition and see the sender dont have credibleness and a hapless communicating accomplishment

2 ) Receiver non decrypt the message if the interpretor ne’er interpret the message right because he / she non concentrate the talker it could be sleepy, tiring or decline to speak in mode manner.

3 ) Message non make to the receiving system because non interested and the noise of fizikal noise ( speaking ) , proficient noise ( wireless ) and ocular noise

A communicating is an interaction between a transmitter and a receiving system.In a successful communicating, the transmitter direct a clear message to person and the receiving system gets the message accurately and it sound simple plenty. The job lie the words that we use to talk with person.Here are the six elements of a successful communicating.

1. Think significance of message

2. Expresss intending in words, symbols

3. Transmits message ( Tells, write / sends )

4. Receives message ( hears or reads )

5. Translates message symbols

6. Understand and accepts intending

An effectual communicating is a good communicating. Communication is thee general term that sums up the sending and receiving of messages The manner employees communicate can do or interrupt a company think of the different between gracious and ugly employees and the message they convey to invitees. We want to concern with people who able to pass on the company doctrine to invitees and give outstanding service. This information is a formal communicating and is given in via meeting, personal correspondence, e-mail, notice board and so on. Supervisors are vitally of import as they are the 1 who explain the mission, ends, and company policy to their associates. We human existences communicate all twenty-four hours every twenty-four hours and pass over 70 per centum of our hours directing or having messages: an illustration speech production, listening, composing reading, forcing keys on computing machines, watching the telecasting screen.Since we communicate so much, we ought to be reasonably good at it but severely we do n’t because there are likely as many chances to be misunderstood as there are people with whom we communicate an illustration different people interpret what we say in different ways and non truly what that you meant and sometimes we did the same what they say to us. Until NO ONE HAS YET FOUND a theory or method or set of communicating rules guaranteed to be 100-percent effectual BUT the expert know a batch about why why people FAIL IN COMMUNICATION and they can explicate the ingredients for SUCCESS. Communication play a chief function in cordial reception industry it because we will be pass oning invariably and at the same clip we will be both a transmitter and a receiving system of messages, and a both functions will be really of import it because we must understand what comes down to you from the top so that we can transport out the INSTRUCTIONS and the POLICIES of the company. We can non pull off efficaciously ii we can non pass on efficaciously.


Communication is the transference of understanding and intending between two or more people.Supervisors are involved in interpersonal communicating, organisational communicating, little group communicating, and sometime aggregate communicating. Communication is an of import because supervisors spend most of their clip communication, as when directing people at work, giving instructions, preparation, interviewing, hiring, fire and so on.The followers can be done to take many obstructions to good communicating construct a clime of trust and regard: direct your messages clearly: usage linguistic communication the receiving system can understand: do n’t presume anything: take into history receiving system ‘s ability to have: direct your message at the best clip: direct your message at the best clip: direct your message to the right individual: take the best mean of directing your message: cheque for apprehension: listen: be nonsubjective: avoid slang: and disrespectful footings: and do n’t pass on when you are disquieted. Listening is the 2nd half of the communicating process- the most ignored half and sometimes the most of import. Bad listening procedure include traveling off on tangents, responding, emotionally and cutting the flow of the message.Five rules of good hearing giving the other individual your undivided attending, hearing the individual out, looking for the existent message, maintaining your emotion out of it and keeping your function

Question 2

Motivation is the key to maintaining executing continuously at the highest criterions. How organisation actuate their employees to stand out at their occupations.

Introduction of Motivation

TheA successA ofA anyA organizationA largelyA dependsA onA theA motivationA ofA itsA employees.A Unfortunately, A thereA isA noA exactA formulaA toA determineA howA toA motivateA anyA particularA groupA ofA people.A TheA factA isA weA areA allA motivatedA byA differentA things.A Still, A thereA areA someA keyA conceptsA toA keepA inA mindA whenA developingA aA planA toA motivateA employees, A regardlessA ofA theA organisation.

Every little concern wants motivated employees. They work more expeditiously and bring forth better consequences. Using pecuniary and other wagess to better motive is a simple thought, but making it reasonably and efficaciously can be disputing. The bulk of little concerns distribute payments to whoever is the aureate kid of the hebdomad, a principal and senior adviser at Compensation Resources.How can you make a compensation plan that motivates employees, consequences in a more productive staff and is administered reasonably and efficaciously? The secret, it seems, lies in the inside informations. Here are four stairss to follow.

Answer q2

Motivation is the willingness to attempt an organition ends, conditioned by the attempts ability to satisly some persons demands. Motivation can act upon people at the work topographic point The function of motive is to accomplish effectual public presentation by ability, way, motivate, and support

Perspective motive to persons, group, organisation, Individuals is to want to make good in some work linked to want by meet person personal needs.Group is to guarantee the employee ‘s work and the director should understand the employee demand and occupation design and work topographic point and while an organisation is to guarantee employee to work by addition productiveness by programe and tranning it because different people diffrent demands.












A Establish an action plan.A While the ends that you want to accomplish may change from one undertaking or staff member to another, the procedure that you follow can be duplicated each clip. Andrew Broil, president of Broil Growth Consulting in Cleveland, breaks the procedure down into five stairss: These are the most of import inside informations of any Compensation program. You must ever honor top public presentation and must be every bit clear as possible to your staff on merely what you consider top public presentation. You besides must hold a program and civilization that motivates less-than-top performing artists to endeavor to compensation program. You must ever honor top public presentation and must be every bit clear as possible to your staff on merely what you consider top public presentation. You besides must hold a program and civilization that motivates less-than-top performing artists to endeavor. Motivation at work group an of import to ESTABLISH EFFECT AND PRODUCTIVE WORK GROUP. Motivation besides helps GROUP INFLUENCE


Motivation is the driving force which allows us take action on our desires or ends. There is ever a motivation force behind anything we do and it is the strength of our motive which determines how good and how fast we win at obtaining what we wish to accomplish. There are many chances in the universe today but these chances are wholly dependent upon our consciousness of our milieus. Once we recognize an chance, our success is determined by our motive for the coveted result. Our success is besides dependent upon our ability to run into the challenges of life. Many people become cowards and lost their motive during disputing times. Motivated people, who experience disputing times will make a program, fix themselves, and take action. Life is frequently ambitious and many obstructions are thrown at us about daily. We blame bad fortune, are frequently ready to give up, and go pessimistic of the universe. During these state of affairss, we should recognize that it is a fact of life that obstructions were, is, and will ever be a portion of our life within our ideas so when we endure more obstructions, we are more prepared. When we use our motive to work through the obstructions in our life, we use a positive personal property and we benefit from the experience as do those around us. It is life ‘s obstructions which build our character, let us to turn, and give us the strength to travel on. Most people will follow the way of least opposition. They want an easy and affluent life free from life ‘s obstructions. But take away the obstructions, and we take off growing and strength, because it is the obstructions which make us strong. When we lose our motive, we lose everything because we fail to turn and travel frontward. We see illustrations of this in people who try to get away life by populating their comfort zone. Those who lack motive and go on to populate in their comfort zones frequently act like victims of life. This becomes a difficult to interrupt wont and is destructive to their life.It requires motive to undertake life ‘s surprises and to work around the obstructions which life throws at us. Those who lack motive frequently act selfish and burden those around them when they portion their uncomfortableness. This disrupts everyone ‘s peace and felicity. Highly motivated people ne’er indulge in self-pity. Alternatively, they shine like a beam of visible radiation and usher others by inspiration. Motivation is positive in nature and others are non merely attracted to it, they are besides inspired by it. They respect us for it. It besides allows us to get the better of any negative obstructions and is an indispensable portion of our life.Everyone is entitled to peace and quiet, and it takes motive to work through the immoralities of the universe and rise above them. When people around us become cheerless and bothersome, we must lift above them. If we join so, we become the cause of our ain ruin. Alternatively, we must keep our happy province of head. In run intoing life ‘s challenges, we must confront world and command it. We must non let world to command us. We must suppress life ‘s obstructions or be conquered by them.


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Introduction OF Selling:

The doctrine of marketing demands to be owned by everyone from within the organisation. Selling focal points on the satisfaction of client demands, Selling is non merely much broader than merchandising, it is non a specialised activity at all It encompasses the full concern wants and demands. Future demands have to be identified and anticipated. The selling construct is a doctrine. It makes the client, and the satisfaction of his or her demands, the focal point of all concern activities. It is driven by senior directors, passionate about pleasing their customers.Marketing is non merely much broader than merchandising, it is non a specialised activity at all It encompasses the full concern. It is the whole concern seen from the point of position of the concluding consequence, that is, from the client ‘s point of position. Concern and duty for marketing must therefore permeate all countries of the enterprise.This client focused doctrine is known as the ‘marketing construct ‘ . The selling construct is a doctrine, non a system of selling or an organisational construction. It is founded on the belief that profitable gross revenues and satisfactory returns on investing can merely be achieved by placing, expecting and fulfilling client demands and desires.


Lost World of TambunTheme Parks in Malaysia

The latest attractive force from Sunway CityA IpohA in Tambun, the Lost World is a new H2O subject park in Perak set to supply you a fun-filled escapade for friends and household! Nestled among exuberant verdure and limestone hills, the Lost World has a host of exciting activities to maintain you coming back for more. . From my ain research, there is five chief elements which make up this universe of escapades which is as stated in the construction

Question 1:

Your function:

You are required to choose a subject park of your pick. You are required to find their organisational construction, merchandises, markets, and rivals.


As portion of your research, you will necessitate to specify the construction of the franchise and the merchandise that is being offered to the consumer.


You are required to analyse:

Their market strength

Their zone of natural enlargement

Brand placement and marketability of their trade name

Suggest stairss to better their gross revenues and net incomes

Suggest how they can take their concern to a planetary graduated table


Conclude your research by sum uping all the above and supply a concluding solution on how the subject park may boom in a completion market topographic point.

All cost for the event and portfolio must be self support. Olympia College will non be responsible for any cost or any unanticipated fortunes occurred during this event.

Answer Q1

As portion of our assignment, I have chose the Lost World of Tambun subject park as my pick for making my assignment. From my ain research, there is five chief elements which make up this universe of escapades which is as stated in the construction belowaˆ¦

Jungle Wave Bay


Tiger Valley

Water park

Hot Springs & A ; Spa

FIVE Elementss

Water Park

An finely beautiful Waterfall Beach Garden & A ; tickle pinking H2O drives in the subject park for everyone at the H2O park and where the H2O beach garden were the biggest moving ridge pool in Malaysia where the moving ridges could swell up to 3 pess high. At at that place, you could happen a perfectly perfect landscaped beach which surrounded by 20 pess duplicate waterfalls with two rivers fluxing into the pool. There is besides a musical organic structure wash as a refreshment before to the caption of Sandy Bay.

Explorabay, a childs – merely zone which is specially designed for childs while Cliff Racer are intend for a grownup and young person. And of class, the longest inflatable tubing drive in Malaysia, Tube Raiders which is the household – front-runner giant slides while Adventure River is more on loosen uping H2O drive.

Cliff Racer

Sail through the jungle canopy in an old mine cart after a bead from dizzying highs ; merely like in the old Wild Wild West films! The park is perfect for those household adventures. Be certain to convey trim apparels for a alteration after a whole twenty-four hours ‘s merriment on the legion H2O slides and H2O games. The park besides plays host to a few Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams and albino tiger greenhorn and visitants can witness the tiger feeding times between 11.30am to 5pm every twenty-four hours. The park is unfastened mundane except Tuesdays ( school/public vacations excluded ) from 11am – 6pm. One can hold a cocktail at the Rum Jungle Bar between 6pm – 9pm every dark. Entrance tickets start at approximately RM25 per grownup and RM 19 per kid ( kids under 90cm gets free entryway ) . The park besides offers particular nutrient, entryway and drives packages.A

Lost World Hot Springs & A ; Spa

As the latest addendum for the visitants to bask the inimitable feel of the hot spring, the H2O in the hot spring semen from a natural beginning, and this is a sanctuary for the visitants to loosen up and bask and to see hygienic and rejuvenating hot H2O. Besides, there are many other elements which are catered for the visitants showing the ultimate relaxation experience

Tiger Valley

There are feeding Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams show and their grips at drama in the tiger vale. You can larn abit about how the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams are cared through the vale ‘s educational plan where you will be able to acquire close and personal with one of these keen Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams.

Lost World Petting Zoo

Visitors can take a walk on the wild side and The Petting Zoo allows the populace to touch, experience, provender and drama with the animate beings ; giving those looking for a more personal brush, a closer position.


Market Strength

So many words packed into one, the Lost World of Tambun, where supplying an action – packed with exciting escapades with the most sensational drives and glamor in Ipoh, Malaysia. A 60 million Ringgit subject park which located in this historical town of Ipoh, in the center of the North – South corridor in Perak ; and is set in the congenital landscapes of Ipoh, surrounded by finely breath – taking limestone characteristics.

The Lost World of Tambun has its ain market strength merely like the other subject park as good. As my research all over these theme Parkss, The Lost World of Tambun is the best subject Parks if compared to all the rivals around within the northern part in Ipoh illustration like Bukit Merah. They has supplying a assortment services which provides leisure, relaxation, enjoyment every bit good as amusement. Furthermore, the monetary value are rather sensible for the services they are supplying.

As another market strength, Lost universe of Tambun is the lone subject park with natural hot spring and the H2O come from natural beginning and the thermic H2O in the pool are non recycled. Furthermore, they got a formation of the base entirely stone formation – 10 floor edifice within the subject park. Based on the 4Ps, topographic point, people, publicity and merchandises, Lost World of Tambun had provides all these 4Ps if compared to other rivals as their market strength.

Topographic point

800 parking infinites provided

Good transit

Natural & A ; pleasant landscape


Good services

Caring from staffs

Friendliness from staffs


Invite international public presentation during parties ; beach party

Promote online through hot web sites ; facebook, etcaˆ¦

Promote through travel and circuit bureaus for bundles


Water Park

Amusement Park

Lost World Hot Springs & A ; Spa

Tiger Valley

Lost World Petting Zoo

Zone of Expansion

For your information, Lost World are exposed to the nature. Therefore, it has ample of natural resources around and within the park. As for the future enlargement, they should take this advantage to do more for its zone of natural enlargement use from the natural beginnings. Presently, they are constructing a hotel of themselves which are rated as 4 – 5 star classs ; visitants like foreign visitants do non necessitate to look for other adjustments and can merely remain inside the Lost World of Tambun ‘s Hotel which are surrounded by natural beginning. Besides, they are besides upgrading the hot spring & A ; spa subdivision. As their future enlargement, it could construct up a monorail system for the overall handiness within the subject park itself ; visitants are able to go from the subject park back to the hotel after adventurer.

Furthermore, broad natural resources in their subject park which enable them to hold their ain cave which creates jungle trailing and undermine researching experience for clients. They should spread out more on dry drives in did of lone focal point in wet drives as there is already a batch of wet drives. This will enable the visitants to hold more picks during their adventurer and will non experience drilling.

Brand placement and marketability of their trade name

A great subject park which have its ain nature and gave us a reviewing feeling when you are populating in a feverish life style ; a manner to expose yourself to the nature. Besides, it is a clip for every member in a household to pass their clip together and have fun in Lost World of Tambun. This is a manner for household bonding to go on. Furthermore, we can pass our clip with our friends during vacation at there for amusement and leisure. And of class, it is a good topographic point for a twosome to hold a great twenty-four hours.

What are they celebrated for? Their natural resources and it located in a historical topographic point in Ipoh with natural thermic H2O beginnings. They are besides considered as ‘under the umbrella of Sunway Groups ‘ which lead them to success because Sunway group had prove themselves in Sunway Lagoon.

Stairss to better their gross revenues and net income

In order to better their gross revenues and net income, they should depend on the economic system graduated table which is cut down their cost in order to acquire more people. Besides, it ‘s besides depends on how they generate their net income through the bing merchandises. They can besides supply more new household bundles and teenage bundles. Another measure to better their gross revenues and net income is to widen concern hr for dry Parkss and more events should be organize illustration like beach party. International public presentations should be invite illustration like super junior, inquire misss and large knock in order to pull more visitants. And of class, particular rates for senior citizen should be apply and playthings should be given to childs to demo that the direction is caring plenty even to every individual affair.

How they can take their concern to a planetary graduated table

Widen their concern to planetary graduated table, they can cover with the travel and tour regencies for bundles and brings the touristry to Lost World of Tambun and allow them acknowledge it and convey back this information back to the state. Furthermore, they can hold a trade with a state embassador to advance their subject park in their ain state and to pull foreign investing illustration like an large organisation and this will take them to develop another subdivision in their state by the aid in modal from the organisation ; aiming hot conditions state like India. Besides, it should hold a trade with big organisation to hold a large retreat ( international conference ) . And of class, the lost universe direction should besides publicize their subject park through hot web sites illustration like,, and etcaˆ¦


In anyA businessA success, selling ever plays a cardinal portion. You have to do a good relationship with your clients. You need to work out how you will make and win new clients and do certain that they will be happy and remain satisfied of the services you are supplying them. You need to ever reexamine and maintain on bettering everything you do to remain in front of the competition.Although selling plays an of import function, it will non vouch gross revenues unless by making it with a laid out program. A well-researched and logical program is of import to hold a better opportunity of constructing a long-run profitable relationships. A selling program will function as a mention or your footing to put to death a selling scheme. By puting out programs, it will put out a clear aims and explains how you will accomplish them. You can specify your concern good if you have a written papers that inside informations the necessary actions to accomplish your selling ends. A selling program is considered a portion of an over all concern plan.A

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