Margaret Atwood’s “Siren Song” is a lyric that consists of nine three-lined stanzas that neither possess any recognizable rime strategy nor beat. The talker of this verse form is a fabulous animal. a Siren. who addresses us. the audience. when she speaks of the victims whom she lured through the enticing vocal she sings. The overall tone of this verse form is sarcastic and rather sinister.

The rubric itself instantly depicts the subject and talker of the verse form. The whole verse form is an illustration of classical allusion. mentioning to Homer’s Odyssey. The Sirens within the Odyssey are said to be capturing adult females who sit on an island and enticement work forces with their tantalizing vocal and beautiful voices. doing them to leap out of their ships and dice. The rubric of the verse form forewarns us. and with a name like “Siren” . the audience should grok its actual significance: “Danger! Warning! Avoid if you can! ” . but we. as readers. want to cognize more about the Siren’s vocal. anyhow. With naive haughtiness. we approach the topic. thought we are strong plenty to turn away if things take a bend for the worse. after all. it is merely a vocal.

In the first three stanzas. the Siren introduces and briskly elaborates on her tempting vocal. “This is the 1 vocal everyone would wish to larn: the vocal that is irresistible” . she says. She begins to entice us into her trap as we become funny as to why the vocal is so compelling. The Siren explains how work forces jump overboard after hearing her vocal. even though they see the skulls that are scattered around the island. Most would believe that this is an obvious indicant as to the result for the “squadrons [ of work forces ] ” every bit good. Her vocal is one that “nobody knows because anyone who has heard it is dead” . which should besides discourage the audience from desiring to hear her vocal. but we are still. of class. tempted. These first three stanzas service as an “alluring warning” . in a sense.

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Through the following five stanzas. she continues to state that if we assist her “out of [ her ] bird suit” . she “shall Tell [ us ] the secret” . We are left. oddly. to happen out what the secret is. The image of a “bird suit” is a symbol for the conformance the Siren endures. or instead. what she wants us to believe she endures. She says she doesn’t enjoy “squatting on [ an ] island. looking picturesque and fabulous. with two [ other ] maniacs” . She makes us believe that all she wants is to be freed from being trapped in her “bird suit” . She tries to convert us to “come closer” . and continues to do us experience particular. stating that we are “unique” . and that “only [ we ] ” can assist her. She insists that her vocal is truly “a call for help” . and that she’ll tell us her secret – all we have to make is thin in and go on to listen to her tantalizing vocal.

“Alas it is a deadening vocal but it works every time” . says the Siren in the concluding stanza. Her vocal. her calls for aid – they all have been a gambit to enticement in her following victims. Possibly. her promise to uncover her secret was kept. after all. Possibly her secret was the fact that her vocal will ever work. She describes her vocal as “boring” . and seems about amused with the result of her trap. as though her oblique ways are 2nd nature. Unfortunately. nevertheless. we fell victims to her conniving personality and enthralling vocal. even after being warned from the minute we read the rubric.

“Siren Song” by Margaret Atwood is a beautiful verse form that smartly describes the method the Siren uses to catch her victims. The verse form takes on a sinister and seductive nature. which leaves us to be rather the antonym of “unique” – another victim of the Sirens.

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