Dr. Atia Yasmeen. Course: English Composition 115 Date: Feb 11. 2012 Suki Kim who came from Korea. Tells in this essay that is named “Facing Poverty with a Rich girl’s Habits” about why she and her the richest household moved to Queens. New York in the early 1980’s.

When she was enrolled the 7th class. her millionaire male parent bankruptcy overnight. After her male parent lost all of the wealthy. they hadn’t any pick to remain at Korea. So. they flow to America without any penny and settled crammed.

ugly topographic point where the ugly house was owned By a Korean household. Once she fled from Korea. she lost the everything.

such as her place. friends. relation and wealth. However she is satisfied now. because she has new friends. a new place. and a new occupation. In my point.

if you are richest today but you would be loose all of your things in twenty-four hours of future. Our sires tell me that “losing the wealthy is non a job but losing the ethic and wellness are large a problem” . I agree with that. Another of import point of her is how can she absorbs new environment of different the civilization. the linguistic communication and the societal.First.

she had trouble seting to the American civilization and she didn’t know a thing about how to talk English. Her first learning English word is F. O. B that is intending short for “Fresh off the boat.

” She desire to exemplify in this essay that different civilization. different life manner and character between Korean and American pupils. For illustration.

when the instructor entered in schoolroom. no 1 batted an oculus but in Korea pupils and environment of school are different. In Korea. pupils wore slippers to maintain the school but new school has many walls were covered with graffito. Although she became citizen of America. she wants to celebrates Korean national jubilation twenty-four hours. Besides she love the national nutrient.

the national vocal in her psyche and can non bury her memorize of teenage. Furthermore. she said that how new immigrants can settle in America. how they can inherit something from first coevals and how to learn to their following coevals.

In my sentiment. first coevals of all immigrants spent a batch of their clip by difficult working in America. In order that to give good instruction to their kids for future life ; they have to work during drawn-out hours to do money.

In drumhead writer’s chief intent is explicating for her audience that one time new immigrants come to America. they have a batch of job. If they strive to carry through their ends. they could accomplish the success.

In this composing her genre was narrative and comparative between America and Korean. Rich and Poor. Such as she wrote that rich household settled in Westchester or Manhattan. where their kids attended private schools and hapless people live in crammed. ugly topographic point. Most of her audiences are new immigrants who are settling in America.

I agree with some point of her. Suki Kim’s attitude is sadness and defeat that remembering her last life and memorising first friends who are Andy and Billy in America.

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