The people were standing inquisitively outside, queuing up to enter. It was extremely hectic waiting to get in; people hung around like ants in a ruined colony. The public handed over �2.40, to get their tickets, so they could go to the magnificent fairground.

The entrance was narrow like a cannel footpath and people instantly caught a strong waft of burgers and chips. Stalls with food and drink were selling candyfloss hanging down from the top, it looked like pink, chewy clouds and the trickling of the drinks made people thirsty. The children around were jumping up and down like a herd of kangaroos, as they were waiting to eat.

Everyone crushed the fine emerald blades as they moved along the grass. Mild screams echoed from round the corner, there were miraculous rides. Hearing the increasingly powerful screams, you could tell the public were thunderstruck. By 2 o’clock the sun started to sway around the fairground as if it were a swing of light. There was a good atmosphere and as the people queued for rides, it made them over excited and there were noises of cheering, shouting and clapping! When people where whirling around on the merry-go-around their heads span round like spinning tops and when they came off they needed to rest! The background music was pop music and it interested all the little children to start shaking their hips and get into the spirit of the event!

The surroundings were startling: tea-cups, pony rides, merry-go-round and the Ferris wheel were the main attractions.

As the babies climbed onto the rigid, metal ponies, they sunk into the spongy seats. This built up the tension to a fabulous ride. The parents of the babies stood at the edge of the ride and waved to them. The babies were so happy to be bobbing up and down on the pony-ride that they filled there eyes with tears of pleasure.

As the day went on the golden sun no longer shone its stunning rays over the fairground and there was a breakthrough of a cold, weary and mysterious atmosphere. This made the place more of a thrill and it indicated that it was time for the children to go home. Their faces dropped when they deserted the fairground, like they were all walking out of a funeral service. Left in the fairground were bright, luminous lights and mellow music for the loved ones. Holding hands tightly the couples walked around. The rides weren’t as busy. The Ferris wheel was the most popular at night time. On the wheel it was like being trapped in a cage, rising to the stars with the gorgeous birds’ eye view of the village. People where resting on their partners’ shoulder enjoying the romantic surroundings like a cheap honey moon!

As all the rides finished and came to a holt, it sounded raucous, people scattered in all directions to get to the numerous exits.

Some of the people went and sat on the colossus hill to watch the finale of the fair. As the clock struck 10pm, BANG! Luxuriant amaranthine and magma shots from the fireworks exploded in the air, eyes lit up, the night was amorous and colourful. Non-stop bullets of tortuous colours were flying and snapping in the air. The sparks gently flowed down like a feather floating down from heaven and landing peacefully in the water.

Snoozing off after the display finished, evacuation in the village was complete.

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