Feminism by definition, is the belief that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities. Although it is a controversial topic, feminism exists because it wants to demonstrate the importance of women, and to reveal that historically women have been subordinate to men. In the “TED TALK” by Michael Kimmel, “Modern Feminism” article, and the “Full transcript of Emma Watson’s 2014 speech on gender equality” , the main ideas include gender inequality, gender equality, and the negative views of society. Society, including the media, portrays feminism and feminists as hateful and insulting.

The negative views society spreads about feminism is thinking it’s all about the women who believe they’re entitled to gain everything better which is a misunderstanding. The media feels the need to label feminists. This is damaging because it affects societies views of them.

“Freedom trash cans were built where women could throw all symbols of female oppression” (Modern Feminism). The trash cans were built to represent that women have more privileges, and more rights or advantages; different from how it was before. The media wants them to be seen as ‘perfect’ because their true selves may not be enough for them. Although, I believe that’s wrong because we should all have the ability to be our self. This impacts societies view on that group in a negative way because they’re not being true to themselves, nor the people. And people would feel the need to be just like them because they are seen as a ‘perfect’ group.

If both sexes were more gender equal, it would be better for all; a better world. A negative stereotype is feminists don’t actually want equality, they want to rule men. This is damaging because people would think it’s true, and cause more problems than what already exists. They would also claim feminists to be labeled as threatening towards men. “The countries that are more gender equal, are higher in the rate of happiness.” (Kimmel).  I agree because gender equality is good for everyone rather than having a certain sex who has power over the opposite gender, afraid to get their privileges taken away, thinking it’s their entitlement to claim.

Gender Inequality is a problem. This is damaging because women don’t’ feel they get the same rights as men do. “I think it is right that I am paid the same as my male counterparts.” and “I think it is right that socially, I am afforded the same respect as men.” (Watson).

Many women believe they should be treated the same as men, with the same equal pay rights, and respect. This is a problem because they may be doing the same job, and not being paid the same just because of different sexes. Men are known for being the ‘manly’ and ‘strong’ ones, which results in why men get paid more than women because people think women aren’t capable of doing the things men can do; favoritism.  

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