For the first survey. it is expected that the research worker would find the factors that motivate Filipinos to go forth their ain state and work abroad. This would include their fiscal state of affairss in the Philippines together with household size. business of partner. business or educational degree of the kids. and other demographics. Since it is quantitative. it is expected that the survey will be able to bring forth statistics in order to find the best ground for their migration. Participants would likely prefer to migrate because of more compensation and support for multicultural groups ( Zalaquett. et. Al. 2008 ) .

This besides includes an chance to work with the protection of the jurisprudence implemented in the United States. Qualitative informations would propose hapless opportunities of development for them in their ain state. It is besides expected in the tendency survey consequences that US foreign policy will be implemented for the migration of Filipinos in the state. More Filipinos are expected to go forth their state and finally take their households after they have established their lives in the States. However. the survey does non do usage of any graduated table in reasoning for its aims.

The survey is besides limited to Filipinos whereas other races such as Hebrewss and Palestinians are non included. Besides. the focal point is merely on the ground why Filipinos prefer to go forth the Philippines and work in other states ( American Psychological Association. 2002 ) . Based on the expected results of the survey. it is recommended by the research worker that farther surveies be initiated on this specific subject. It is besides recommended that a survey be conducted on occupation satisfaction of Filipino abroad workers ( OFWs ) in the United States and compare them with those who prefer to remain in the Philippines.

A comparative survey on worker’s rights and societal security policies between the Philippines and other OFW filled states is besides recommended to further supplement the consequences of the present survey. Mentions American Psychological Association. ( 2002 ) . Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code Of Conduct ( PDF ) . Zalaquett. C. . Foley. P. . Tillotson. K. . Dinsmore. J. . Hof. D. ( 2008 ) . Multicultural and Social Justice Training for Counselor Education Programs and Colleges of Education: Wagess and Challenges. Journal of Counseling & A ; Development. Volume 86. Number 3. 323 – 329.

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