First of all in this global era closed-circuittelevision (CCTV) is commonly used in most of the organizations such asshopping complex, schools, banks, casinos, government building, pedestrianwalk, public parks, parking areas, public transport, railway stations, sportarenas, residential areas, hotspot (most crime occurred areas) and urban areas.There are so many types of cameras used in this global compare to last time.

Now days CCTV cameras are more advanced and equipped with latest technologythat can be used as a main source for preventing crime. In addition there areso many crimes occurring. Most of the cases could not be solved due to lack ofevidence and proof, with the help of CCTV crimes can be easily solved inshort-term time period because when a crime occurs the CCTV cameras can recordand be monitored to identify the suspect. CCTV also can prevent crime fromhappening because the criminals will know that they are being watched and anywrong step could lead them into big problems.

It is very difficult to steal ordoing any inappropriate activity that consider as a crime without gettingrecorded when there is a CCTV. Even if the criminal still keen to do the crimehe may be get caught at the place or will be caught later by the police withthe help of CCTV. A CCTV camera also protects property and secures theperimeter. The functions of CCTV in preventing crime are not countable becausedifferent type of CCTV has different types of ability. Example, bullet type ofcamera can monitor up to 25 meter range.

Not also that CCTV also can be used asmanually by using PTZ controller (Pan Tilt Zoom). The PTZ controller allows usto turn the camera to left and right and up and down. Using PTZ controller wealso can zoom in and out in case for any situation or to watch people. AdvancedCCTV has the ability to auto detect peoples and it automatically will monitortheir movements. Some cameras also can detect human by using the heat in ourbody.

This is more than enough to stop a criminal from entering such places andstopping them from conducting the crime. Lastly, the presence of CCTV also canmake public feel safe in lonely places because then help of CCTV it reducescrime. 

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