On my first twenty-four hours of school. my Dad came to drop me of.

I was truly nervous and afraid when I came out of the auto and headed for the School gate. In the resort area. I saw an copiousness of large male childs running about ; that made me even more discerning.

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When the School bell rang. I rapidly into ran to the hall so I wasn’t tardily on my first twenty-four hours. Mrs McNamara. our caput of twelvemonth was giving all the pupils a batch of indispensable information that we needed in the hereafter so as a effect. it was of import that we listened. At lunchtime I became more relaxed and at easiness. at the terminal of the twenty-four hours my pa came to pick me up from school.

I had truly enjoyed myself and as a consequence I knew I would hold a antic clip at High school. Try to be yourself don’t copy anyone or anything. Furthermore. to make good in school you have to be bold and respectful. it ever helps.

LESSONS AND SCHOOL RULESIn lessons you have to pay full attending to what the teacher’s stating. it will assist you in your work and Home survey. You must be to the full equipped for the lesson so it is best you pack your bag the dark before you have that lesson. you will necessitate: two pens. a swayer. a pencil your exercising book. a gum elastic.

a reckoner. and a pencil instance. In Trinity your work has to be a certain criterion. if your work is below that criterion. the instructor will do you make it once more. Hence. you need to set attempt into it.

do certain you have checked it. and make it to your best quality. Trinity High school forbids strong-arming ; any marks of intimidation and you will be in a immense sum of problem.

you must ever esteem one another and the Teachers. Attendance and Punctuality is really of import. so you don’t lose any lessons or activities. You must take attention of all the equipment that you use and attempt non to damage it.SCHOOL AccomplishmentsIf you behave good and make highly good in your lessons you get accomplishments such as: Attempt and Excellence certifications. Headmasters award s letters of congratulations and praises. hebdomadal congratulations from the Headmaster and attending and promptness awards. There are so many scopes of accomplishments.

so make sure you work hard. listen to your instructors and be respectful at all times.

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