Firstly, Looking at GCA’s strengths is
important as it will allow the company to understand what they are currently
doing that is working well; many people tend to only focus on weaknesses but it
is just as crucial to know strengths within a business. GCA currently hire high
quality trainers this is a strength that can be identified. This implies that
GCA provide a good service as trainers are qualified and offer a good service
for the customers. Therefore, it is important to keep these employees in order
to provide high quality work and to continue to have a competitive advantage.
Competitors already attempt to try and lure in their employees so there is
evidently a demand for these employees. This implies that GCA need to work
extra hard to motivate staff so they feel they are wanted and appreciated
within the company. However, there are some weaknesses within the company that
if improved could help increase GCA competitiveness. One weakness that can be
identified is within the website as currently this site does not attract any
customers for the business, whereas other companies’ sites (refer to the first
section for further detail). The fact that the website does not really have any
function it affects GCA’s competitive advantage as the site is designed
correctly it cannot provide any marketing value which is important because it
would likely attract more customers and help the company grow further.

In addition, there is many
opportunities that can arise for GCA, the main opportunity that can be
identified is growth in demand for bespoke training and software development according
to the case study. This suggests that they could potentially delve into this
new market and advertise this more as there is demand. Through offering more
services they can continue stay ahead of competition as they will increase
their market share. This also, allows the company to offer something different
compared to other competitors like learn tech. Potentially, there could be an
opportunity to introduce more teleworking which may increase productivity as
employees can from anywhere. Moreover, this will also benefit the customers as
they could offer training service through online services, which may bring in
clients because it may be more convenient for some clients. In terms of
threats, according to the case study larger competitors have entered the
market, which implies that it is crucial for them to keep prices low as
competitors have undercut GCA’s prices. This means to be competitive and
attract customers over the larger companies they will need to provide an exemptional
service as potentially they may not be able to lower to cost that drastically
because they are a small company. By having a good relationship with clients,
it will increase brand loyalty and aid the reputation.

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