Five of some of my stocks were first  Microsoft Corporation it is a software company. Microsoft’s flagship product, the window operating system. For this stock I purchased 10 shares. Second i had Coca-Cola Company created in 1886 Atlanta, Georgia is the most popular and biggest selling soft drink. I purchased 15 shares for this stock. Third McDonald’s Corporation a company that is the leading food service organization that operate over 30,000 restaurants in more than one hundred countries in six continents.Purchased of 10 shares is what i did. Fourth would be Target Corporation a company that is the second largest discount store retailer in the United States behind Walmart. I decided to purchased 20 shares for this company. The last company i am going to mention is Toyota Motor Corporation a multinational automotive  manufacturer headquartered in Toyota, Aichi, Japan. I had purchased 20 shares for this company.Talking about the method I used to purchase this stocks makes me kind of embarrassed to say but it was randomly selected stocks. I didn’t really know what I was doing so I just chose what I came across. There was no planning or method involved. Honestly for awhile I didn’t even know what stocks I had which is kind of sad but the truth. I put no thought into but I will say that some of the stocks i did buy was because they were popular and you hear a lot about them like McDonalds and coca cola so that kind of help me make some of my decision into what stocks I was going to pick I guess but really there were stocks I picked and knew nothing about i just picked them because i came across them I needed to buy stocks and I wasn’t fully understanding the reasoning for doing this stock market game. So there you have it my thought process or the lack thought process to the stocks I purchased.The next thing is what did I observe during the time I owned these stocks? Thats a great question well at the beginning when this whole thing started I was afraid that i wasn’t going to make money from my stocks because this whole  stock market game confused me but as I watched I noticed a lot of my stocks made money I believe that two of my stocks lost money I also notice that some days were better than others for my stocks. Beginning of this I started were my rank was like fourth place or around there but as we continued I fell and ended this in 22nd place I still made money which is good but because I had two stocks that did nothing but lose money it hurt me.Knowing what I know now about the stock market I don’t think much would change except getting rid of the two stocks that didn’t make me any money and sticking to what i know. The stocks that are well known and are big is where i would mostly go for just from my experience the stocks that made money were popular everyone knows them like all stocks i mention at the beginning those were all companies that made money for me so I would continue with those and go that route in buying stocks. And I would just keep to what i know because it seems like that would be the smart way and most beneficial way to buy stocks.Buying stocks and bonds are not the only way to save for retirement. There are many different ways to save. Some of the more popular ways to save for retirement is 401(K)s which is known as the best way to save for retirement it is the most known way most professions offer this it is very well known and probably easiest to get your hands on for retirement. Individual Retirement  Accounts (IRA) is another one that is really great opening an account for retirement might also be another great way to save for retirement.These two are most popular but like I said there are a lot of ways here are a few more options: Set up direct deposits, save tax refund, consider myRA, use a taxable investment account. And many more so as you see there are so many different opportunities to find a way to have an retirement plan.What I’ve learned about the stock market that might impact my future is that it is a way to save for retirement so I’ll keep that in the back of my head when it comes time to plan for retirement. There is a lot more to it then I thought so I might keep it as an option. I didn’t think of buying stocks because I knew nothing about it the thought of buying stocks doesn’t sound that bad so there might be a chance that in the future because I know more about the stock market I might decide to do that.

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