Write a 5 paragraph essay in which you are going o state and explain what percentage of resources you are going to spend in each of Florist’s 10 media outlets. Orlando, Dade, Tampa Bay, 3 Panhandle, etc. And explain why. How to design a winning strategy The second question and you can simulate either a primary or a general election, you have to tell which one did you picked, and you can use all 4 candidates (Sink, McMullen, Crisis, and Rubin). Tell whether a primary or general election is, and how to allocate resources (total of 10) in Florist’s 10 media markets.The media market book tells you a percentage.

Put together a winning strategy. Rubin is from Miami, Mica is from Miami, Crisis is from the Panhandle, how much should Marco spend in Miami? How much money you should spend in Tallahassee market (Example). How to get your candidate to get 50 +1 . All the numbers are in the book, along with explanations on the voting history. Bill McCollum It is of momentous importance for candidates aspiring to become the next elected officials of a particular government to reach out to the public and assert their views on current fundamental issues. They should definitely be able to place these issues atop their priorities in order to amass the largest amount of votes, and thus, have the edge over their opponents.Such is the case for the current gubernatorial race in Florida between Republican candidate Bill McCollum and his Democrat counterpart, Alex Sink, which is set to take place on November 2010. There are four main issues revolving around next year’s elections which include: crime, America’s stance in the foreign community, the size of the government, Jobs and personal financial despair.

Furthermore, these issues are considered to be pivotal with the next elections Just around the corner.Through this essay, I will further discuss how Republican candidate Bill McCollum should navigate these issues in order to have the edge over his Democrat counterpart. Primarily, Bill McCollum is the current Florida Attorney General who also served in Congress representing Florida in Washington DC. On May 18, 2009, he announced his intentions to run for the position of Governor of Florida which is currently held by Charlie Crisis. For the first issue, crime, I think Attorney General McCollum should be stringent on the topic. Furthermore, I think that he should keep on track regarding his stance on Juvenile delinquency.

As stated in class, juveniles are responsible for a significant portion of the crime committed in Florida, which has been on the rise for the past years. Overall, this is a very important issue hat should be addressed by the Republican candidate with the firmest of stands in order to gain more support from the voting public, presenting a strong plan on how to control the crime wave taking place throughout the state. In my opinion, by failing to do so, he stands to loose the confidence of most voters, hindering his chances at becoming the next governor of Florida, a traditionally Republican state.On the foreign policy issue, I think that Libertarian-Leaning Conservative Bill McCollum should deal with the American foreign status in his campaign in a similar manner that he did while serving in Congress. During his tenure as a Congressman, McCollum voted in favor of giving permanent Normal Trade Relations status to China, an increasingly growing economy. Moreover, he voted in favor of a bill that would invest $15. 2 billion on foreign operations. During his tenure, he voted for several bills that would ultimately strengthen America’s position within the international community.

It is clear that McCollum is pushing for America’s status on foreign issues, and my advice would be to keep up the good Job. On a separate point, aspiring candidate Bill McCollum should also reaffirm his stance on the size of the current government. Furthermore, like a true Conservative, I think that he should work to decrease the size of government and support this motion throughout his campaign. As soon-to-be ex governor Charlie Crisis argued: “Public servants should limit the size of government”.Like Crisis before him, I recommend McCollum to navigate through this issue while taking a firm conservative stand, which has been a Republican characteristic throughout the years. In doing so, I think Bill McCollum will be able to reiterate his conservative ideologies, and gratify the republican electorate. As for the fourth issue, I think that McCollum should focus on helping to create the bobs and thus alleviate personal financial despair issues. Out of the four issues, I think this is the most important one, which could ultimately give him the victory.

This is why I advice the candidate to be extra cautious with this problem. His work as a Congressman can ultimately help him in this issue. As a Senator, McCollum signed the Contract with America. As part of this contract, The Job Creation and Wage Enhancement Act was brought to the House Floor. This Act aimed to provide small business incentives, capital gains cuts and indexation, neutral-cost recovery, risk- assessment/cost-benefit analysis, strengthening the Regulatory Flexibility Act and unfunded mandate reform to create Jobs and raise worker wages.This is yet another advantage that McCollum has while navigating through the Jobs issue. Overall, I believe that his leadership skills and his hard work while in Congress, laid the foundation for Bill McCollum gubernatorial campaign. However, it is of crucial importance for the Republican candidate to focus on these four issues which are considered to be the most important ones regarding the upcoming elections.

Through this essay I offered my advice on how the Republican candidate should vacate through these issues.Finally, with the next elections Just around the corner, it is important for McCollum to present the electorate with realistic solutions regarding such issues. Florist’s Ten Media Markets: McCollum Allocation of Resources As we prepare to witness the upcoming Florida gubernatorial elections, scheduled to take place on November 2010, candidates are preparing their campaigns and how to allocate their resources throughout the state. This is the case with both Bill McCollum, the Republican candidate and his opponent from the Democratic Party, Alex Sink.It is important for both candidates to cleverly decide on how to sort out their resources between Florist’s ten media markets. The southeastern state’s ten media markets are comprised of: Pensacola, Panama City, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Orlando and Daytona Beach, Tampa and SST.

Petersburg, Palm Beach and Fort Pierce, Naples and Ft. Myers, and the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale areas. There are certain media markets that can require more resources than others. Through this essay, I will simulate a general election, and how Bill McCollum should allocate his resources throughout the ten media markets.If done correctly, this would most certainly give him the edge over his Democrat counterpart, and assure him the position of Florida Governor.

Florida, a state known for its rapid demographic and political shifts requires that candidates aspiring for office cleverly allocate his resources in order to win. This is the case for Bill McCollum, who needs to be wise on managing his funds and concentrating more on certain areas. The first media market, Pensacola, has a total of 172, 575 registered Republican voters, and 136, 297 Democrat voters (as of 2000). In my opinion, Bill McCollum should allocate his market around 8% of his resources.In this media market, The republicans have the edge, having more registered voters. Moreover, it wouldn’t require as much of investments from the Republican candidate as other markets would. On the other hand, McCollum should spend 15% of his resources in Panama City.

The candidate can be forced to spend more here, mainly because of the Republicans are outnumbered by Democrat voters. In this media market, there were only republican voters, as opposed to 121,117 Democrats in 2000. Thirdly, Tallahassee represents another media market in which Republicans are outnumbered by Democrat voters.In this case there are only 54,612 voters representing the Republican electorate, while there are 167,997 for the Democrat side. For this reason I advice McCollum to also spend about 15% on this media market, since he needs as much swing votes as he can get. For the Jacksonville media market, Bill McCollum should spend 10% of his resources.

Again, this is a market which in 2000 was predominantly Democrat, having 367, 444 registered voters versus 296,958 Republicans. McCollum, who needs to amass as much votes as he can, should spend this percentage of resources to try and persuade the electorate.Similarly, Gainesville is also a predominantly Democrat media market, were there are 41 ,306 registered Republican voters and 90,723 Democrats. For the same reason I suggest McCollum should spend another 10% of his resources in this media market. In Orlando, however, Republicans hold a slight edge as of 2000 voters with 654,620 Republican and 610,464 Democrats voters. Having the edge meaner that McCollum isn’t required to spend as much of his resources as in other Democrat-dominated markets. For this media market I advice the candidate invest 8% of his resources.

As for the Tampa/SST.Petersburg media market I also advice McCollum to allocate 8% of his resources. In this market the Republican Party also has the edge, and while the democrats have 872,888 registered voters, the republicans have 912,485. On a separate point I advice McCollum to spend another 10% of his resources in the Palm Beach market. As of 2000 there are 366,307 Republican voters vs..

398,688 Democrats. For the Naples/Ft. Myers market, I suggest McCollum to spend 8% of his resources. In this region, there are 250,929 Republican voters versus 166,902 Democrats. Because of Republican domination it would be unwise to spend much more than that.

Finally, in the Miami/ Ft. Lauderdale media market I advice McCollum to spend the remaining 8% of his resources. As of 2000 there are 621 ,390 Republican voters overwhelmed by 868,622 Democrats. Overall I think that Bill McCollum should allocate his resources throughout the ten media markets in Florida as mentioned before. Although there are some markets dominated by Republican voters (which might not need as much of spending as others), there are others which are controlled by Democrat voters that require more convincing, and thus more spending.

Finally, I think that this is a winning strategy for the Republican candidate.

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