Following their graduation from Harvard, both Kennedy brothers(Joe and Jack) decided to enroll and serve in the navy.

Jack was made Lieutenant and assigned to the South Pacific as commander of a patrol torpedo boat,also known as the PT-109. Lt.Kennedy had a crew of twelve men whose goal was to stop Japanese ships from delivering supplies to their  soldiers.

It was on August 12, 1943  when things took the wrong turn, while looking for enemy ships to sink,a Japanese destroyer traveling at full speed headed straight towards Lt. Kennedy’s ships. While Lt. Kennedy made his best effort to swerve the Japanese destroyer, the PT-109 was lamentably hit and split in half. Unfortunately two members of the crew died that night, despite a back injury Jack was still able to save his crew and lead them to a small island miles away.  Six days later two natives found Kennedy and his crew and went for help, delivering a message that Kennedy had carved into a coconut, the crew was rescued the very next day. Upon his return home Jack was awarded the Navy Marines Corp Medal for his leadership and bravery. While Jack was lucky enough to survive the war, sadly his brother Joe was not, he died a year later when his plane blew up while he was on a mission in Europe.

Prior to Joe’s death Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. had ambitions for Joe to become involved in politics and one day become the United States president, in fact it was Joe who had announced from a young age that he would be the first Catholic to be president. Nevertheless Joseph was not going to let his political dreams chatter, so he focused on to Jack. Though he has considered becoming a teacher or writer in the past, Joe’s sudden death changed things. After various discussions with his father, Joseph was able to convince Jack to run for Congress,Massachusetts eleventh district which he won in 1946. This however was just the beginning of Jack’s career in politics, he served three terms in the House of Representatives and in 1952 he was elected for to the U.

S. Senate. 

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