Forthis app, we also created a google drive folder which the whole group hasaccess to. This allowed us to pass on different documents within the groupeffectively. Another method could have been passing on information throughemail which can be lost.

An advantage to using google docs and google drive isthat we can all edit the document at the same time and it can be saved andaccessed from the same place by all in the group. The only disadvantage wouldbe that google docs can only be accessed when there is internet availablewhilst creating a word document does not. Aspart of the research presentation, I could have also included more informationon different sleeping disorders and the difference between children and adultssleep patterns as I mainly focused on general sleep which is mainly based onadults. I could have also done same primary research such as a questionnairefor a range of age groups about their sleep.

However, the information Iincluded applies to all such as the helpful tips and tricks and the factorsthat affect sleep apart from the drugs and alcohol for children. Thealternative to using Prezi would have been to use PowerPoint. Though it hassome of its own advantages like being able to run without the internet andmusic and sound can be incorporated into the presentation, it doesn’t providethe professional finish that Prezi does. The slide format cannot be changed.

This makes difficult to go back to specific slides without having to go throughthe entire presentation or coming out of the presentation to go to it.Furthermore, PowerPoint has some dated features such as the clip art andanimations features available (Heaton, 2014). Additionally, inserting imagespictures into slides can be difficult as they can only be horizontal orvertical and the angles cannot be changed. Lastly, to use PowerPoint, you mustpurchase Microsoft office first. However,there are some disadvantages to using Prezi in comparison to PowerPoint.Firstly, the software can be easily configured after watching the tutorialprovided or if you have previously explored the program extensively in order tosee and use all the features of the program. Secondly, payment is needed inorder to keep the presentation offline or present it without any internetconnection.

(Heaton, 2014) Prezi desktop would need to be purchased which costsmore than investing in Microsoft office as there is a monthly subscription feefor the premium version which holds all the best feature of the software suchas exportation.  Myrole during the process of creating the app was to be a researcher. I pickedthis role from a list of choices in a group document on google docs. In thisdocument, I had the choice of designer, content manager, researcher ormarketing manager. I picked the roles of the researcher as I thought I would begood at finding information from different sources such as the books, onlineand primary research. In the group, there were two researchers in which theworkload was divided between. Most of the research used in the researchpresentation I produced was found online on reliable websites and journals suchas the NHS website and SAGE journals.

This information was put into a googledrive document so that the group could see it and add information as theywished. Within my role as a researcher, I also had to create a presentationinclusive of all the research we found as a team. I used Prezi to create thispresentation because it offers many more features that PowerPoint such as thezoom in function which allows you to maximize the section for more informationand zoom out of it for less information. Prezi is easily accessible from anycomputer connected to the internet as it is a web-based application. Prezi alsoallows you to customise the presentation to make it look as you wish it, forexample, a newspaper or a magazine article.

As it is a web-based software, itcan be used on most modern web browsers and computers. Overall Prezi provides amore engaging, animated and professional finish if used correctly. In theapp, there are great features that appeal to all audiences. This includes bigbuttons, unique in shape and design, that are easy to navigate as there is ahome button and all the buttons are labelled well in white, so it can be seenclearly against the blue coloured buttons. The app mainly consists of twodifferent shades of blue as it is a very calming colour which fits in very wellwith the purpose of our app. There is also a night mode feature within the appto try to reduce the blue light emittance from the screens it can contribute tosleeplessness (Haifa, 2017).

This is because it affects the levels of melatoninhormone produced by the brain to help you sleep. We also tried to avoid havinga lot of text within the pages as it could deter the reader from reading usefulinformation that can help them sleep better. The text on each page was keptshort so that only the important information to keep the app light, informativeand appealing. Studies have shown thatyoung teens tend to have trouble sleeping because their bodies work on a latersleep schedule than those of young children and adults (Vladyslav V.Vyazovskiy, 2014). This is due to the brain producing a melatonin hormone (thishormone tells that body when it is time to go to sleep) later at night. Foradults, sleeplessness may be caused by a number of lifestyle and environmentalfactors such as stress, drugs and alcohol and poor sleep routine.

 Dreameazzzeis an app created by group F, that aims to help people with problems sleeping.It incorporates features such as a sleep calculator that tells you when to goto bed for the best sleep and useful tips that can be used in order to bettersleep habits and increases the amount of sleep an individual may have. This appwas aimed at all individuals that may have trouble sleeping from the age of 12to later adulthood (the age we came up with was 65 however, with people livinglonger and the rise in technology, more people are able to use this app, so theage should have been higher). Currently, technologyhas become accessible to everyone including the use of smartphones, tablets andother electronic devices daily. They have become part of everyday life. Thereare many different apps that can be purchased or downloaded onto these appsthat can help people with problem areas in their lives such as weight loss,sleep and healthy eating.

As a group, we designed an app that we hoped wouldhelp people improve and maintain their health.  IT in healthcare isbeing used to better healthcare services and patient health. The use of securecommunication and storage of patient information can help with faster diagnosisand ensures patient confidentiality. Additionally, IT in healthcare also helpspeople get the information they need to find out about illnesses and healthcareservices they may need. IT for healthcare can also help the environment as lesspaper is used by using electronic prescriptions in hospitals, pharmacies and GPsurgeries.

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