For years,
several of studies and theories have tried to address the sociological aspect
on the influence of media on children. Many sought an explanation on short and
long term, the exposure behaviours and attitudes on children. Although violence
was the primary context. It is clearly, that the media leaves its effect, on
what types of toys, console game, books, films and much more. The young viewers
how this apply. Do they have some kind of responses to aggressive or violent? In
Malta things might be different from others countries, like the USA for example.
Were we know by the fact. Many youngsters were influence by video games or
movie. Made their own the violence watched, and if it was not the next day, but
shortly after, they put into action. Many innocents’ students were shoot dead
or seriously injured.     

as mass media a major source to society is mostly where to get news and other
information. In my younger age, the definition of mass media had a very
different concept than it is today. We had only few sources to your
information. Only one radio station (cable-radio rediffusion), no local TV
station, and it was run by British company and so the news or programs where according
to the rulers (the British Governor) what they transmitted, you had to believe,
there was no other means of a different opinion. Very handful of newspapers
(who was lucky and knew to read). Church also played a part of what news you
get. When years rolled on and maltese government took over broadcasting (xandir
malta) mass media was still very restricted, the only TV station transmits for
6pm to 10pm (four hours) no choice, what the government owned company(media) transmitted
what the government wanted the society to know. In the 90’s came the
legislation for liberations of media frequencies. Radio stations and TV
stations popped up like mushrooms and so pluralism took over the old system of
one source. So now, society had the choice and new sources where to get the
information. The Main Political parties; grabbed the advantage and air their
own TV and radio stations. In the 2000’s the internet was included in the
broadcasting legislation, at the was dialup connection, it was a fight between
the users who will manage to connect when clock strikes six o’clock. Since then
all communication with local society, all societies, and their cultures became
globalization. For a moment think of the advantages this medium broad, hear
your favour song, just one click, watch live tv round the world, the latest
current events and so on. With platforms of social media, Facebook, massager,
whatsapp, blogs and others, the list has no end. By few keyboard keys you can
present your views, believes and opinion and in few second the entire world can
see what you uploaded, your life be opened by the thousands. With all this came
the sociology studies of communication and attempt to give answer for a simple
question. Like the channel, what to say? the effect. The view of sociologist
emphasis on the role of society, the defining focus more on sender and
receiver. The motive of receiving or the motive of sending. The media are
complex institutions and not neutral. Interpretation of media messages sent,
they have encoded or hidden messages with possibilities apprehensions of the
function of the original. Media as the production of knowledge and culture
influences the audience or viewers. In Malta is clearly evidenced, follow the
news of the three particular stations, radio phonic or televised (tvm-radio
malta, net-101fm or one TV-one news) same news is twisted or spin according to
the political media, and tvm supposed to keep balance. Little or no differences
with newspapers or journalists most has a hidden agenda, what the pen writes is
influence or tied to their political or religious believes. Manipulation of
statistical research to attracted more advertising, when Broadcasting Authority
announce the results of their research, each station on the island radio-phonic
or televised announce that the station is on the top of the list, or the most
heard or watched. The link between sociology and mass media is the context is
the social values, the norms, values and the behaviour of society and
transmitted from one society to another. (Common example is the fashion
industrial) sociology focus to seeks relationship studies between the society.
The social development and the mass media. Thought application of sociological
concept empiricism. Important to understand sociologist study factors of
affecting the social reality. Watching the news, is like sensationalised by
that particular media to get viewers to turn to that station, do they tell you
the truth or do they represent the man in the street in the stories they say to
that station followers. Relations between mass communication and sociology. Is
to who communication? What is the content? Is this all rooted straight?
Communication influence the basic principles, here where sociology comes in, to
understanding the mind of the individual or a group of people. The impact can
also be the matter of subject with sociology. On the same level and importance
transmitting your message, it is a medium.  The study of individuals in society. Mass
media communication probity refers man as in society. The information transfer
from one to another and the feedback.

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