For more creative brain follow these 5 steps creativity is very pleasant and also a good way to express yourself. For creativity you need imagination and for imagination your brain work actively it helps you to succeed personally and professionally. We all have incredible potential to invent innovative approaches to problem-solving generate new ideas and look at the world with a different view. You just need to try. Even the least creative individuals are able to achieve much through these five simple steps. 1- chose your correct time go the place where you go when you are alone or you spent time with yourself think about the work and try to think creatively.

Write down the ideas that you got and analyze it. Ideas can come anytime anywhere you just have to think it that way. During brushing bathing or any other natural pause you can get something creative. 2- start with basics everyone has a creativity inside we just have to search and focus on it.

You just have to start and start everything with basics; dont jump directly to the complex things. You should have a clear understanding of basics. For example if you are learning any new language then you should start with grammar spellings and then sentences. Dont afraid to be wrong. 3- be open usually creativity people grasp ideas from anywhere. So notice minute things around your surroundings practice mindfulness and make practice on intentionally noticing your surroundings.

Dont just sit in front of the television try to change surrounding meet new people who are different than you listen to the music play with children read famous literature and much more. 4- generate lots of ideas practice with the basic things like pen pencil table chair or anything else tries to create a new idea to use it in possibly different ways. Write it down and dont judge your ideas. There are many other ways to practice creative like open page number 50 line 10th of any novel of two different novels and tell a new story out of it. Combine 2 different words and create a relationship between them.

Visualize is the easy hack to be creative visualize everything you are doing. 5- choose the best idea when you have lots of ideas now its time to filter it. You need the best one. For that its important that you should know what you are looking for. Listen to your intuitions the idea which literally thrills you or you thinks it is the best or creative or unique than other then it is the one.

You should know the pros and cons of your idea. Challenge yourself be curious and always try to get a new and different experience. 

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