Nowadays. we are populating in a universe that everything exist makes our life easier. Technologies. upgrade and alteration rapid and it will last for long clip. At the minute. folks is still utilizing the most utile and enlightening affair in seeking important things. Internet is the best manner in researching affairs. and presently legion are working it.

Business. authorities. organisations. companies are the usual users of cyberspace. Reasons why people use cyberspace is because it will supply and propose sites that you can guarantee you will non victim by some people who are untrusted. Business like selling and reserving house and tonss has their ain web sites that you can see and ask if you are interested in purchasing there house and tonss.Today people are non much put attempt in purchasing or reserving house and batch.

one of the ground is they are busy on their work and they can non a batch clip to see the subdivision. Alternatively of sing some subdivision they merely surf the cyberspace to cognize what are the subdivisions that are selling high category or regular manner of houses and how extent the tonss that can be reserved by the client. Tarlac is one of the states who are progressive and still strive hard merely to do it well-liked by the persons who had been on this topographic point. There are myriads of the subdivisions in Tarlac.

so competition takes topographic point. In order to hold purchasers. different tactics and techniques are needed. Shangri-La Homes Subdivision is a new build subdivision located at San Jose. Tarlac.STATEMENT OF THE OBJECTIVEThis research is intended and developed an “Online House and Lot Reservation for Shangri-La Homes Subdivision” that can be accessed of the people who are interested in purchasing or reserving house and tonss. Precisely. it attained the subsequent aims: * To assist people in purchasing and reserving house and tonss in much easier ways.

* To form the minutess between the purchaser and the disposal * To decrease the attempt of the clients.Significance OF THE STUDYThe Online House and Lot Reservation for Shangri-La Homes Subdivision reinforced the disposal of the subdivision.
SCOPE AND LIMITATION OF THE STUDYThis research concentrates merely on Online House and Lot Reservation for Shangri-La Homes Subdivision. The system helped the disposal of the subdivision and purchasers to set less attempt in purchasing and reserving house and batch in typical ways.

Administration of the subdivision will non hold more schemes to do merely to hold purchasers. in the portion of the disposal they will non engage people who are giving cusps and have an advertizement furthermore they can salvage money. On the other manus. the purchasers who are interested will non travel to the subdivision and inquire much information and they can salvage their clip in passing it with their households.

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