Boding is the warning or the indicant that something else is traveling to go on subsequently on in the narrative. In Death and the Maiden. Ariel Dorfman uses this literary device to the upper limit. researching all the different ways he can do the reader predict or foresee what’s traveling to go on next. However. Dorfman besides takes on the audience’s thoughts and implements dramatic sarcasm. giving the secret plan a turn of events and doing the audience inquiry themselves and their ain theories as to why the character acts that manner or why the writer set things as they are.

Dorfman takes the thought of dramatic sarcasm when mentioning to the characters and their functions in the drama. The greatest contrast in the drama is between Paulina and Gerardo. Paulina Salas. a 40 twelvemonth old adult female. delaies for her hubby tardily at dark when she sees a auto semen towards her house. At first. Paulina is presented as the typical homemaker. scared.

insecure. loyal and loving towards her hubby. who might even experience inferior. since she feels safer and secure when she has the gun. There is. nevertheless. an understatement.

between the functions Paulina and her hubby. Gerardo Escobar. drama.First he calls her ‘Poor small love’ ( Act 1.

Scene 1. p. 4 ) and continues to see her as his small. dependent. fragile. used adult female. that can merely make what adult females at the clip were supposed to make ; housework.

Yet. during their conversations she merely gives him crisp. short responses.

most of the clip looking even a spot rough: GERARDO: I’m truly non in the temper for reasoning. but we had agreed that… PAULINA: You were supposed to make it. I take attention of the house.

and you take care of- GERARDO: You don’t want aid but subsequently you… PAULINA: -the auto at least.GERARDO: …afterward you complain. PAULINA: I ne’er complain. GERARDO: This is an absurd treatment. What’re we contending about? I’ve already forgotten what we… PAULINA: We’re non contending. darling.

You accused me of non repairing your spare… ( Death and the Maiden. Act 1. Scene 1 ) This conversation shapes the thought of gender functions in the drama. and how subsequently on she becomes ‘in-charge’ and Gerardo becomes the ‘wife’ . she wants to be in control.

wants to hold authorization. but in a more passive-aggressive mode.In add-on. one can besides reason about Paulina’s love-hate relationship with Gerardo. as she is clearly really emotionally attached to him.

yet seems as though she treats him with a kind of discourtesy or rough mode. Paulina’s unusual relationship besides brings the audience to oppugn this woman’s sense of judgement. and possibly even her yesteryear.

Ironically. later she refers to him as ‘my small man’ . contrasting with how he called her. and doing certain that Gerardo knows that he is her hubby. and she’s in charge. Furthermore.

Dorfman shows the dramatic sarcasm in the gender roles one time Paulina finds out about Doctor Miranda and gets the gun.At the beginning of the drama. the gun was a mark of safety and security. and by the flood tide. she uses the gun to pull strings Roberto and Gerardo to make what she wants. and what she thinks is ‘fair’ . GERARDO: Paulina.

I’m inquiring you to delight give me that gun. PAULINA: No. GERARDO: While you point it at me. there is no possible duologue. PAULINA: On the contrary. every bit shortly as I stop indicating it at you. all duologue will automatically end.

If it put it down. you’ll use your strength to win the statement.( Death and the Maiden. Act 1.

scene 4. pgs- 24-25 ) Paulina knows that without the gun. she is hopeless. Her ain hubby won’t listen to her. and they think she’s wholly brainsick. All she wants is justness and to do things even between her supposable raper. Dr. Miranda.

and her. However. the ‘strength’ she’s is mentioning to is unfastened to the audience’s reading. It might hold something to make with his metaphorical strength.

his occupation as a attorney. is to convey out justness and put things back the manner they were ; the manner things have ever been done.A more implausible thought is that it could be a mention to his physical strength. since work forces are by and large stronger than adult females. which relates to the fact that Paulina was raped and tortured.

doing mention to kind of. in a manner. make bolding him to physically win over her. In decision. Ariel Dorfman uses boding to assist the audience shape their ain thoughts and theories sing the drama. yet uses dramatic sarcasm to. in a manner.

writhe the secret plan to screen of spring it an interesting bend of events. like the gender functions in Death and the Maiden? and give the audience something they hadn’t thought of. hence. the sarcasm.

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