Forging is a process of changing the shape of a metal object(either increasing its length or increasing its diameter) by the application oflocal compressive forces with either the target metal at high or lowtemperature.Thus there are two types of forging according to thatclassification·        Hot Forging·        Cold ForgingOnce the work piece reaches high or low temperature the blowsare delivered with a hammer, either manual hammer or drop hammer. Cold forgingrequires more force than hot forging but it increases the strength of the workpiece while hot forging tends to decrease the strength of the workpiece.

Tools·        Mandrel·        Anvil·        Chisel·        Round Punch·        Hammer·        Shovel Smith·        Swage Block·        Fuller·        Clamping Ring·        Scriber·        Caliper Outside·        Square Smith·        Hammer Ballpein·        Flatter·        Divider·        Hardie·        TongForging Operations·        Cutting·        Upsetting (Increase Diameter)·        Heat up·        Drawing out (Increase Length)·        Bending·        Tapering·        PunchingProcedure1.      Start byheating the furnace. Use wood for initially starting the fire and then add coalover it. Use blower for gradually removing smoke from the room and another onefor continuously feeding air to the burning coal for it to burn quickly.2.      Put thework piece in the furnace. And wait for it to become red hot then take it outof the furnace and onto the anvil.

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3.      Apply forcewith a hammer with planer in between the work piece and hammer.4.      Soon thework piece will cool down and will need to be heated again.

5.      Thus theprocess must be repeated several times before the desired shape of the workpiece is achieved.6.      Be sure toput out the furnace once the job is done.7.      If using adrop hammer be sure to read the safety instructions before operating themachine.SafetyiNSTRUCTIONSEvery piece of equipment has its own safety operatingprocedures and so does the equipment in the forging shop. So one should gothrough it at least once so as to know what is safe.Since Forging involves dealing with hot objects so one shouldbe extra careful.

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