Forum: the superhero summit Issue: How can we control the damage caused when superheroes fight and who should be responsible for it?  Student:  jade gregoryintroduction: Since we have discovered the norse mythology, Thor Odinson has been molded into the superhero we know today. His parents were Odin and Fyorgyn, god of royalty, death, healing, wisdom and much more, and goddess of earth. Later on within thor’s life got married to a woman named Sif who was acknowledged as being a goddess of  our earth, like his mother. Thor is known to be the fiercest god and has power over weather, sky ,thunder and fertility.

Because he has so much power over the sky he is believed that he is the guide for anyone traveling across the sea by using the his power over storms and wind. Thor also had an adopted brother named Loki, however Loki envies Thor. Thor is known for having weapons that are mostly indestructible, .

His mightiest weapon is his hammer. Thor named his hammer Mjollnir. Mjollnir is represented as the most menacing and  mightest weapons in all of norse mythology. Mjollnir is associated with lightning and thunder and was built by dwarves. Thor also has iron gloves and  a belt. The belt is named Megingjard,  and once he puts it on it doubles his strength. Thor travels across the sky on his chariot.

His chariot was pulled by 2 giant goats that have  convenient magical property. These goats could be killed of hurt at any time however as long as their bones were unharmed in any way they would respond to the body overnight and serve Thor the next day.  How can we control the damage caused when superheroes fight? Superheroes should fight on the outskirts of the cities. They should make the effort to fight where the people they are trying to “help” are not at any risks/danger.

(Evidence from the movies)   who should be responsible for it? superheroes are so concentrated on trying to help the citizens that they do not realise the disturbance it causes on the citizens lives therefore the superhero should be held accountable for the damage they cause.

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