One of the universe ‘s prima operators of luxury hotels, Four Seasons, renovated George V and operated it as Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris in 1999, which is its first belongings in France. George V was opened in 1928 and since that has been a landmark which is located in the Triangle d’Or ( aureate trigon ) . In “ Four Seasons Goes to Paris ” instance survey shows how Four Seasons developed the diverseness and adapted to Gallic market, with the Four Seasons outstanding criterions.

The intent of this study is to analyze how Four Seasons, a Canadian company adapted the large cultural difference, besides to be able to use and explicate the direction rules identified in the instance survey and the direction schemes in today ‘s world. Furthermore, by understanding how the direction adapt to go the Gallic employer and what the company nucleus values were implemented in Four Seasons squad, in order to cognize how the direction base out in this procedure. Finally, comparing to Four Seasons old ages of direction in Paris how does the current internal and external environment affect the directors to be more entrepreneurial.

Cultural consciousness, Adaptation and Management Changes

“ Cultural consciousness can be thought of as internalized attitudinally penetrations about those common apprehensions held by groups that dictate the predominant values, attitudes, beliefs and mentalities of the person. ” ( Adler, 1986:31 ) Four Seasons opened its first belongings in Paris and it was a immense challenge for the direction to travel into the local.

Harmonizing to the instance survey, French is characterized by cultural research workers as holding Polychromic Culture, which means they consider the importance of human relationships and they prefer constructing life-time relationships. On the contrary, Americans are much more leisurely to develop short-run relationships. Gallic do different undertakings at the same clip normally, but their attending can be taken off really easy. Additionally, the direction explained that “ there is merely an unbelievable pride in being Gallic ” and “ the Gallic have a really emotional manner of making things ” . They can non maintain the criterions and do non esteem the Golden regulations as it is excessively American every bit good as altering programs frequently because their determinations sometimes are unpredictable and non based on any grounds. For the direction has to set to the Gallic ordinances particularly in labour policy sing to the staff working hours and conditions.

David Crowl, noted that “ each hotel is tailor made ” and adapted to its national environment. Four Seasons have learned across boundary lines from different states and belongingss, seeking to integrate the native elements inside the belongings. Richey, the president of Richey International, which was hired to scrutinize service quality and he felt that Four Seasons adapted to the local market really successfully from a design position at the first topographic point. Besides they understand the national foibles, concern civilization and labour Torahs in order to go a Gallic employer.

Besides, Four Seasons hired Didier Le Calvez to be the General Manager of George V. He had 25 old ages working experience outside France and he acquired forbearance and tolerance to fix the hotel gap. Four Seasons had assigned a 35-person undertaking force which composed of experient Four Seasons staff to assist Le Calvez and his squads, to be “ Four Seasonize ” every bit good as doing certain that the gap will be win. It helps to set up norms, attitudes and beliefs by reflecting the operating demands and is a good manner for pass oning the right information to all staff.

In add-on, the direction implemented the 35-hour workweek at George V in order to run into the spirit of Gallic jurisprudence. Besides, get downing “ direct line ” meeting for General Manager with directors, supervisors and employees in groups of 30 one time a month, in order to advance communicating and turn to the jobs.

It is really of import for staff to be cognizant of different national and organisational civilization because direction is a procedure of organizing work activities with the direction accomplishments in order to finish the work expeditiously and efficaciously with and through people. ( Robbins and Decenzo, 2008 ) It enables to work good with other people both in a group and separately, as cordial reception is a people industry and about interaction with people from different civilization, linguistic communication and beliefs, communicating can be improved by developing and understanding the cultural consciousness Besides, a successful direction for today should be able to be flexible, create ethical work environments and exhibit entrepreneurial accomplishments when confronting the alterations. As we are non all the same and everyone is alone, we have to acknowledge the similarities and differences of each single us, in order to accomplish the same end for the company.

Instilling the Core values into the squad

Core values are “ operatingA doctrines orA principlesA that guide an organisation ‘s internal behavior every bit good as itsA relationshipA with the external universe. ” (, 2010 ) A It is of import for stakeholders of the organisation because it is a public presentation usher and elucidation of what behavior and attitude should be performed. Harmonizing to Sharp, laminitis and CEO of Four Seasons, he mentioned that the ground for their success is no secret. It comes down to one individual rule that transcends clip and geographics, faith and civilization. It ‘s the Golden Rule – the simple thought that if you treat people good, the manner you would wish to be treated, they will make the same. (, 2010 )

Sharp emphasized that “ The Golden Rule is the key to the success of the house ” . It is non merely a positive belief that provides systematically exceeding service and “ merely for you ” to the invitees, but besides is a proctor to the employees and helps to determine relationships between the invitees and staff. Base on the Golden Rule, the direction needs to stand out by directing the activities of other people in the company with the maps of direction, which is a “ procedure have by and large been condensed to the basic four: planning, forming, taking and commanding ” ( Robbins and Decenzo, 2008:7 )


It is a procedure to set up an overall scheme for accomplishing the end of organisation and helps to remind the staff what is the most of import. ( Robbins and Decenzo, 2008 ) . The direction mentioned the Four Seasons is a household and completes with regulations, traditions and tough love. In order to supply systematically exceeding “ merely for you ” , the Golden Rule was established to steer the household. The behavior of all staff over the universe were expected to follow the seven Four Seasons “ Service Culture Standards ” ( Refers to Appendix I ) , Departmental Sample Core Standards and Four Seasons Goals, Beliefs and Principles. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) They are the foundation of the organisational ends and it shapes the relationships between staff and invitees, every bit good as enriches the service civilization.


Structure of the Organization

The duty of the general director is oversing the daily operations of the belongings and the regional direction construction of the company ( Refers to Appendix II ) is the most of import of its ability to keep and present “ the highest and most consistent service criterions in a cost-efficient mode ” .

Hire the right individual with right attitude

Four Seasons is seeking to look deep interior of the appliers in the choice procedure in footings of happening the possible employees with right attitude. Mention to Frederick Taylor, the “ male parent of scientific direction ” believed that increased efficiency could be achieved by choosing the right people for the occupation and developing them to make it exactly in the one best manner. Hire the right individual with right attitude and proper preparation, non merely increasing the strength of the belongings, but besides commanding relationship between input and end product in order to minimise the resource costs.


“ When directors motivate employees, direct the activities of others, select the most effectual communicating channel, or decide struggles among members, they are taking. ” ( Robbins and Decenzo, 2008:8 ) Le Calvez, carried out some plans for motive such as the invitation to the employees and their households for an unfastened event about three times a twelvemonth, in order to interrupt down the barriers and remind them the pleasantness of working. Furthermore, accomplishment was celebrated by establishing employee-of-the-month and employee-of-the-year plans to allow the staff understand the acknowledgment and the work speaks for them.


The basic controlling procedure is the duty for monitoring, comparing and rectifying. ( Robbins and Decenzo, 2008 ) The direction of Four Seasons hired both external and internal hearers to scrutinize and measure the service quality. It is really indispensable because the criterions of Four Seasons “ are the foundation for all our belongingss ” and “ it is based on which we build ” harmonizing to a senior director noted.

Therefore, the top direction squad gathers every forenoon for contemplation and reappraisals in order to travel over the errors, which have been done unprofessional and comparing to the company ‘s end and service criterions, so place and turn to the job for betterment.

How does Current Internal and External Environment affect directors to go more entrepreneurial

Compared to the twelvemonth of Four Seasons direction, it is really of import for the current directors to be more advanced and originative, every bit good as flexible in order to go entrepreneurial to both alteration and accommodate the alterations.

Current Internal Environment Analysis

Management Change

Le Calvez worked with Four Seasons for 18 old ages and 8 old ages General Manager and Vice President in George V, he joined Shangri-La in 2007. He was credited for the redevelopment and his leading while confronting the version and challenges.

In my sentiment, it effected the work motive of the directors but they should be able to accommodate the alterations all the clip. “ The hotel ‘s civilization is embodied in the General Manager, ” An F.S. George V director noted and it is a chance to set up advanced thoughts and new promotional scheme in order to make a new hotel ‘s civilization.


Four Seasons agreed to be taken private in 2007 and was sold to the company ‘s main executive officer Sharp, every bit good as investing companies, one is Microsoft laminitis and Chairman, Bill Gates and the other by the proprietor of Fairmont Hotels & A ; Resorts, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the prince owned around 20 % of Four Seasons already. (, 2007 ) Gates and Prince Alwaleed invested on Four Seasons and there are chances to spread out the Four Seasons and increase market portion in other states, where is the demands of luxury hotels and resorts. In this instance the directors should work ambitious and pre-active to make market research in order to acquire the opportunity of publicities and working in another state.

Current External Environment Analysis


There are more approaching substructure including convention Centres, main road, nomadic portal and urban planning. Furthermore, Paris is strongly promoted as a sustainable touristry finish every bit long as planetary warming becomes serious. It is besides the new tendency to “ being green ” in these few old ages, hence it provides the chance to research Paris in eco-friendly manner and helps to make an image of “ Paris is a green capital ” (, 2010 )

As the Gallic authorities promotes Paris as a green finish and it is portion of the tendency of touristry, the directors can make eco-friendly offerings and policies in order to enrich the repute of Four Season through this chance.


“ Even with a revenue enhancement rate of 43 % in 2008, France is the 5th most attractive topographic point to get down a concern. ” (, 2010 ) Therefore, the goods ‘ monetary value in France is really stable as rising prices rate is about 0.9 – 2 % in these 5 old ages. The GDP contracted 2.1 % in 2009 due to the fiscal crisis and there was universe touristry prostration because of the Iceland vent eruption in first one-fourth of 2010. Hence, there is a large doomed since touristry is the largest income in Paris.

Paris is the capital and gathers with most of the civilization and engineering of France, the director can through this chance to more set up advanced conference bundle and installations every bit good as eco-friendly meeting offer to carry through the new demands. On the other manus, the directors can larn how and what to make during the fiscal crisis particularly know what scheme to make when the hotel was in low tenancy rate and how to cut down the excess costs and set up the work agenda decently in order to last in bad fiscal state of affairs.

Socio Cultural

Paris is well-known as a floury metropolis but full of artistic and cultural atmosphere. There are 25,000 creative persons populating and working in Paris because of its historic and romantic ambiance. (, 2010 )

The directors will increase the cooperation with company which provides luxury metropolis circuit service every bit good as the preparation of the concierge service since the tourers come to Paris largely for civilization and rubber-necking in order to make more gross base on the advantage of the location and outstanding service.


France Telecom Group Orange Business Services and Disneyland Paris have built the radio saloon codification of nomadic messaging services for the visitants. (, 2009 ) In interim, the authorities is be aftering to increase edifice nomadic portal. (, 2009 ) It is really advanced and convenient and the visitants can entree to the utile travel information.

The directors can collaborate with the telecom companies about implement the new hotel radio system in order to pull new mark markets and turn it into the new alone merchandising point. Then the invitees will be able to happen the information of the belongings every bit good as the tourer information through this advanced service.


To reason, Four SeasonsA has grown efficaciously over half a century with the exceeding and alone service. The success of Four Season all bases on a simple thought – Golden Rules “ If you treat people good, the manner you would wish to be treated, they will make the same. ” Likewise, Four Season George V has been renovated successfully through by understanding the cultural consciousness and accommodating to the local market with cosmopolitan criterions. The successful direction is non merely required the makings but besides be able to take answerability for determinations and policies, with the positive attitude, exhibit entrepreneurial accomplishments and flexibleness to make ethical work environments. Besides, the internal and external environment factors need to be recognized and overcome by the direction accomplishments. Hence, the spirit of the Four Seasons consistent personalize service will be highlighted absolutely.


Appendix I – The Seven Four Seasons “ Service Culture Standards ”

( Beginnings: Four Seasons Goes to Paris Case Study )

SMILE Employees will actively recognize invitees, SMILE, and talk clearly in a friendly mode.

EYE Employees will do EYE contact, even in passing, with an recognition.

RECOGNITION All staff will make a sense of RECOGNITION by utilizing the invitee ‘s name, when known, in a natural and discreet mode.

VOICE Staff will talk to invitees in an attentive, natural, and gracious mode, avoiding pretense, and in a clear VOICE.

INFORMED All guest contact staff will be good INFORMED about their hotel and their merchandise, will take ownership of simple petitions, and will non mention invitees elsewhere.

Clean Staff will ever look CLEAN, chip, good groomed, and good fitted.

EVERYONE EVERYONE, everyplace, all the clip, show their attention for our invitees.

Appendix II – Four Seasons Reporting Structure

( beginnings: Four Seasons Goes to Paris Case Study )


Vice Presidents


General Managers

Regional Marketing Director

Area Director of Finance

Regional Human Resource Director


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