This experiment aimed to divide the constituents of a mixture utilizing Fractional Distillation. A volume of 28. 0mL of a mixture including ethyl alcohol was heated until the temperature reached 78. 0 C. Approximately 1. 0mL of distillation was collected between 78. 0 – 84. 0 C. Percent composing by weight of the 1. 0mL sample was determined to be 95 % ethyl alcohol. By careful and accurate techniques. a high per centum composing of ethyl alcohol was achieved.


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Distillation is the ancient procedure of dividing a liquid into its volatile constituents by zaping a liquid by heating. distilling the vapour by agencies of a cool capacitor. and roll uping the condensation thenceforth. Distilling is used in many practical ways such as sublimating contaminates out of H2O to obtain clean H2O for imbibing. to bring forth a assortment of alcoholic drinks like vodka or whisky. polishing oils such as the gasolene we put in our autos. to do aromatic aromas. and in natural nutrient flavorers ( Maxfield. 2013. )

There are many different ways of condensing. but this experiment uses fractional distillment as the method for pull outing ethyl alcohol from a mixture. In fractional distillment a column is inserted between the distillment flask and the condensing caput. This column is so packed with a stainless-steel sponge. This allows for the mixture to continuously travel through many vaporization-condensation rhythms while traveling up the column. With each rhythm the per centum composing of the vapour additions. Finally. pure or shut to pure ethyl alcohol. in this instance. condenses and is collected in a receiving container ( Engel. Kriz. Lampman. Pavia. 2011 ) .

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