Franklin D. Roosevelt life began on January 30, 1882 in Hyde Park, New York.

He went to Harvard University and Columbia University. Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor tied the knot in 1905. Five years later, he was selected to the Senate in New York. Roosevelt gain some fame, when he stand up to the Tammany Hall political machine’s dominion over the Democratic Party.

When he lost in an election running for vice president, he uses it to gain a national reputation. A year later, Roosevelt was diagnosed with polio. Even though there were people that thought this would be the end of his career, he did not back down. Roosevelt was still determined.

His wife Eleanor helped him improve with his polio.Eventually he was able to stand without any help.Wendell Willkie grew up in Elwood, Indiana. His birth date is February 18, 1892. He studied at Indiana University. He became an corporate lawyer, after serving his time in France for World War 1. Willkie gained a little fame for being against the Ku Klux Klan. He was also part of the Ohio Democratic Party.

He think that the U.S should join the League of Nation. Willkie later became part of the law firm of the Commonwealth and Southern Corporation in New York. Four years later, Willkie got to be the company’s president.

He failed to fight against the government to halt the Tennessee Valley Authority. After that, he became an Republican.The issue that impacted the presidential election was the U.S Neutrality in the European Conflict.

The problem was that Roosevelt did not want  U.S to be involved with foreign wars, but he thought that the expansion of the military through Japan, Germany, and Italy is the solution to their economic issues. Realizing this, he decided to repeal the Neutrality Act in 1935. That will help aid Great Britain. In 1941, Roosevelt was able to pass the Lend-Lease Act so that Great Britain will have more credit to purchase war supplies. When the U.S. tried to stop Japan from expanding their military, Japan fired an attack on Pearl Harbor.

This caused Roosevelt to declare war on Japan. Then Germany and Italy declared war on America. Roosevelt ordered the 100,000 of Japanese Americans to be placed in an internment.

The U.S allies were the Great Britain and the Soviet Union. They won the war against Germany and Japan.

After the war, Roosevelt could not set the Poland free from the Soviet control.The failures that Roosevelt had made was not being able to exclude the Americans from foreign wars. He failed by having to declare war on Japan.  Another failure was not being able to free the Poland from the Soviet. Although Roosevelt failed, he still managed to achieve goals.

He and his country won the war against Germany and Japan. Roosevelt also managed to run for the 4th term of the elections. President Roosevelt will always be remembered as the inspiration of loyalty and resistance. He was seen as the one who bring back justice and success in the U.S.

Roosevelt was also the first president to communicate through an radio. He is known to be the first to run for 3rd term, which was out of the ordinary.

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