From the beginning of technology, it has advanced tremendously especially in the business field. In today’s modern society, many if not all jobs/careers use technology heavily or technology is being utilized in every job/career field. Due to the fact that computing has become such a major factor the work environment, careers such as education, law, business and many more use computer ethics.

 In the business field, technology is utilized in every aspect. It is more and more needed in business due to things such as becoming excel certified, interacting with social media and simply using your computer for simple everyday tasks. Using computers in the business field requires a lot of trusts because people sometimes do unethical things.A computer is run and operated by a set of principles which is called computer ethics according to Techterms.

com. As modern, digital and electronic computing began, computer ethics has increased in the philosophical field. Hardware, software, and networks are all components of modern computing technology which is a very important and adaptable (Whittaker). Computers can also be programmed to execute a lot of tasks. Because of this adaptability, computers carry out numerous and diverse applications. Computer chips are universal and are rooted in everyday items such as cars, clothing, toys, tools, and people.

After these components, something is needed to protect the computer and its components which is computer security.Computers need something to protect itself from other bad things that could harm it such as viruses and theft. This is why computer security is crucial because it protects the computer system against damage to hardware and software. It also protects the computer from any theft, but it’s still possible to damage the computer system. Moreover, computer security can also be defined as providing confidentiality and integrity by putting in controls to do tasks for all parts of the computer, so it makes it harder to harm the computer system. Another name for computer security is known as cyber security. With computer security, computer users can use their computers while also being protected from any hackers or computer threats. Computer security protects three components of the computer which are software, hardware, and firmware.

        Computer ethics in business is a combination of computer and business ethics. There are ethical and unethical behaviors. Plagiarism, ignoring copyright, downloading music from online and using your work computer for personal reasons are allunethical behaviors in business. Ethical behaviors are using your work computer for its purposes only and following instructions. It’s also preventing viruses and hackers on your work computers because of incorrect use.

We all know that scientific advances allow businesses to use technology more and more which allows more tasks and jobs to be completed quickly and more efficiently. Some ethical issues involving computer usage in business is privacy, communication, and security. The company can look at the worker’s internet usage and what they used the computer for. Similar problems with privacy in the business setting are with security. Security is meant to protect the company and to see what the employee is doing on the work computer however, sometimes the employee is watched too much, and this is where it becomes unethical.

Lastly, there’s communication. This one is also similar to the other two issues. The companies may be watching the employee’s emails, phones conversations on the job phone and texting too. This is where the companies need to think about what is ethical and what isn’t ethical because there’s a limit to the communication with the company and employee.

Sometimes there’s a lack of communication.All in all, computer ethics in business comes with many ethical and unethical issues. Computer security is being able to use your computer while also protecting it from damage and theft by applying controls in the computer to provide integrity and confidentiality. Computer ethics is how the computer works and is controlled by a set of concepts and in the business setting when something is done that isn’t supposed to be done, it’s unethical.

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