In the eyes of society the dance community seems like a good topographic point to be accepted since there are so many different types of people in the community. Gender can be expressed in so many ways such as male or female. but it can besides be expressed as a manner for person to show themselves non needfully by their existent sex but in a manner that makes them comfy.

Gender can be constructed through looks and credence. If a individual in the dance community is showing themselves opposite of their sex and they have accepted it and so has other people in the dance community ; so the community is constructed in a manner to where everyone is accepted no affair what.When it comes to the term representation there are a overplus of different definitions that can be used. Representation in this instance means the description or portraiture of person in a peculiar manner or as being of a certain nature. Gender is represented in any manner that a human being could perchance sort themselves. it may non needfully be male or female but it could be the antonym of their existent gender or a mixture of both. it merely depends.

Gender in the dance community in my eyes should be a general apprehension. What I mean by a general understanding is- a good topographic point to be yourself and non worry about what others may believe or how they might experience. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours when it comes to a dance community whether it is abled or disabled it should non count how person expresses themselves because they should be accepted into that community no affair what. Acceptance plays a immense function in a community because that is the lone manner to maintain everything traveling swimmingly ; there are traveling to be some unsmooth spots that comes with the district but it should non halt a strong bond between the terpsichoreans. Now the handicapped community on the other manus would more of a topographic point of credence than the abled organic structure terpsichoreans. The ground I say this is because in an abled organic structure dance community everyone is different and some may be on different dance degrees but no affair who is who and what degree they are on. there will ever be competition instead than apprehensions.

Even though the overall end would be to do it to the top the implicit in issue will ever be “he/she is better at it than I am. allow me seek to upstage them in the following narration or pattern. ” A community may be a topographic point to come together but it is besides and will ever be a topographic point where play and competition splashs. except in the handicapped dance community. In the handicapped dance community there is more of a bond and credence. The ground I say this is because everyone is working on themselves every bit good as assisting others around them.

Disabled terpsichoreans understand each other’s struggle even though they may all hold different disablements. I am non stating that their community is perfect because no 1 is perfect. but all I am merely stating is that there may be a clip when someone’s set of accomplishments are stronger than person else’s now they can either larn from each other or be covetous of one another. Alternatively of being covetous I think that they would construct. turn. and learn from one another. Disabled terpsichoreans know how it feels to fight so they know how to associate to one another.

Now when it comes to abled organic structure terpsichoreans and handicapped terpsichoreans working together I could see how they could conflict because their sense of dancing manner and techniques are different but they finally tune that out and larn how to work together ; and when they do work together their public presentation is powerful.Every individual is different instead they are abled organic structure or handicapped terpsichoreans. when it comes down to it there passion is the dance.

and that is the passion for dance. to dance. It ever amazes me when a individual can take their disablement and turn it into a positive thing particularly when they include dance. so it becomes a natural endowment. Not many people try to utilize their disablement as a endowment and non many people can take two people from two different communities and do them dance together in a beautiful manner. I applaud those abled organic structure terpsichoreans who dance with handicapped terpsichoreans ; every bit long as they are treated as peers and are non sympathized so it’s a great working relationship.

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