Gender role refers to those behaviors and attitudes that are considered to belong to one sex. Gender role is based on femininity and masculinity that differentiate women and men by giving men some roles and women which results to gender inequality. There some work in society that is regarded to belong to women such as cooking, taking care of children and other less important roles while men are given roles that makes them superior than women. Most of the gender roles associated with women makes them inferior and creates a room to be oppressed. Gender roles are constructed by society and attributed to women or men. In the book of vindication of the right of a woman, Wollstonecraft brings out clearly the roles of a woman in her society and how it has led to oppression of women (Wollstonecraft 22). Wollstonecraft believes that men and women are equal given the same environment and empowerment, women can do anything a man can do. In her society, education for women is only aimed at making her look pleasing to men. Women are treated as inferior being and used by men as sex objects. Wollstonecraft believed that the quality of mind of women is the same with that of men, and therefore women should not be denied a chance for formal education that will empower them to be equal with men.In the book of Wife of Bath’s Tale, Geoffrey Chaucer shows the role of a woman being weak creatures while men are economically powerful and educated. Women are seen as inheritor of eve and thus causes men’s downfall. Women are again expected to obey men and remain under their authority (Jane Austen 16). The women in this concept are forced to be gossipers, deceitful and sex objects. This simply shows the role of a woman is house chores, fulfilling sexual desires for men. The society has constructed the roles the women need to perform and when they seem to go beyond those roles they are treated as outcast since the society expect them to be constrained in the rule of a man. Knight in the book of The Wife of Bath’s Tale, rapes a girl and denied the personhood, he is later put at mercy go queen. This simply shows that men are being pardoned when they commit crimes against women. It is not a big deal in this society to rape women since she is treated as weak sex who have to be submissive to men. In the book of Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austin portrays the role of a woman as housewife who have no opinion in her own. Women are submissive to men and maintain their beauty to impress men. Austen uses a strong woman, Elizabeth Bennet, to challenge the believes that women are weak creatures who need to under authority of men. Equality of men and women in the era that Austin wrote this book was not recognized as women were expected to be married early, bearing children and supporting their men (Chaucer 8). Men are portrayed as stronger sex, with responsibility of protecting their country, being head of their family, hardworking and bread winner of their families. The role of women is seen as superior as they are regarded as the protectors of their families.In the time Austin was writing this book, women and girls were regarded as possession of their fathers and husband and when a girl is married off to a man, she becomes a property of her husband. Women have no freedom in this society and their role as superior being is not recognize. But Elizabeth Bennet goes beyond the expectation of the society to break the norm by maintaining her independence even after the marriage. Elizabeth refuses to get married because of wealth and make her decision to who to marry her. Elizabeth ignored the expectation of her family and society maintained her stand to marry for love rather than wealth. For women of Wollstonecraft’s time, marriage was the only thing that they felt as relief though it pushed them into another prison where husband was the only public face of the family. Wollstonecraft insists that women should be married only to men they love but not forced to marry men out of their will. The three books challenges women to rise up to take their role in other spheres of life like politics that for long time has been considered the field for men. Elizabeth Bennet in the book of Pride and Prejudice, is good example how women can rise up to gain superiority and status in a society that women are regarded as inferior being.

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