The picture is all about the portraiture of amusing manual that was released by the United States military in managing state of affairs of homosexualism among its soldiers.

The manual is aimed in explicating the necessary stairss and processs in managing homosexual instances to soldiers. It features a peculiar instance of a low rank soldier that was caught to be engaged in a homosexual Acts of the Apostless and how his higher bid dainty him ( professionally ) towards his discharge because of his battle in such Acts of the Apostless. As the picture had shown. the workplace is non a gender-neutral topographic point.This is amplified in the instance of a workplace that is considered to hold a military orientation as shown in the picture. As concluded by Kristen Schilt in the article. in many workplaces. the maleness of a male is valued that is why feminine males or homophiles are being undermined and discriminated.

Shown in the picture. PFC Williams was discharged in the military because of his battle in the homosexual Acts of the Apostless. As stated by Schilt.

being a adult male or maleness is an property that is celebrated in many professions particularly in the armed forces.This is because of the association of such property to other of import features and constructs like authorization. prestigiousness and instrumentality that are perceived to be related to extremely regarded place such as leaders and directors. In this regard. any signifier of recreation from maleness or being a adult male most particularly in the armed forces is discouraged. This drops the thought of a holding a free universe wherein each person are respected whoever he or she is. Scenarios like this remind to us that there is still much work to be done for us to achieve as state of affairs wherein every person acquire the regard that he or she deserve from the society.Mentions MSNBC ( n.

d. ) Don’t ask. don’t Tell: illustrated. The Rachel Maddow Show. Web.

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Gender and Society Vol. 20 No. 4. Sociologists for Women in Society. Print.

Accessed 2 August 2010. Williams. C. ( 1992 ) The Glass Escalator: Hidden Advantages for Men in the Female Professions. University of California Press. Print. Accessed 2 August 2010.

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