Genesee Generating station is coal fired plant , located near Warburg, Alberta,Canada .

There are five Genesee Generating Station Units :- Genesee 1, 2,3,4 &5 ( Capital Power ,2016).The owner of Genesee 1&2 is Capital Power Corporation, G3 is joint venture between TransAlta and Capital Power. Capital Power operates the merchant plant, both parties are independently dispatch and market their share of the electrical output through the Alberta Power Pool (TransAlta Corporation,2017).The proposed Genesee 4 & 5 combined cycle natural gas-fired generation facility is a mutual project between Capital Power and ENMAX (Capital Power,2016).                                                         Design / Operating featuresFigure 1: Coal fired power station layout .

From: DTE energy.(2018).Coal. Retrieved from https://www.newlook.dteenergy.

com/wps/wcm/connect/dte-web/home/community-and-news/common/kc/coalGenesee 1 & 2 – Units 1& 2 regularly run near full production capacity. It’s power purchase agreement with the Alberta balancing pool in effect until December 31, 2020. (Capital Power, 2016). Genesee 3 – G3 is the first facility in Canada to use supercritical boiler technology (TransAlta Corporation, 2017).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Table 1:                                                                                                                                             Genesee 1 & 2, Genesee 3 power plantName??Genesee 1 & 2.

                                      Genesee 3?Location??Warburg, Alberta, Canada.         Warburg ,Alberta,CanadaFuel Source??Coal.                                                       Coal Year commissioned ??Unit 1 – 1994   Unit 2 – 1989                 2005 ?Owned Capacity??860 MW (combined).                           258 MW?Owned/Operated??100/100.                                                   50/100Note:  From Capital Power. (2016).Genesee 1 & 2 .

Retrieved from Genesee 3. Retrieved fromhttp://www. boiler requires less fuel to generate same amount of power as average coal fired generating systems .The higher steam pressure and temperature, combined with high efficiency steam turbine, means more electricity is generated by using less coal per megawatt-hour than in conventional process .Carbon dioxide emission is also reduced by 18% per megawatt than at an average coal-fired plant (TransAlta Corporation,2017).Figure 2: Supercritical boiler. From Desein. (2015).

Retrieved from                                                                                                                                              Genesee 4 & 5;-Table 2:                                                                                                                                             Genesee 4 & 5 power plantFacility Facts ?Capacity1,060 megawatts (nominal)?Fuel Source?Natural Gas?Construction Will be in two phases with each phase being approximately equal. Construction of the first phase of the Project is expected to take three years, with the second phase taking an additional year to complete.

?Expected life?Approximately 35 yearsNote: From Capital Power. (2016). Genesee 4 & 5. Retrieved from                                                                                                                                                         “Both partners Capital Power and ENMAX have an agreements with Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems for the supply and maintenance of the world’s most advanced J-Class natural gas turbine technology in commercial operation “(Enmax Corporation,2015)).It consist of two 530 megawatt units , total generate capacity is 1060 megawatts .

It consists of two one-on-one, single shaft power islands, each incorporating a 501 J-class natural gas turbine, steam turbine, generator and heat recovery steam generator (Enmax Corporation,2015).Figure3: Single shaft GTCC CGS Arrangement .From Capital Power.

 (2016). Genesee 4 & 5. Retrieved from CGS Arrangement with Axial Exhaust SRT:-“Axial Exhaust Steam Turbines exhaust hood efficiency is better than that of down exhaust.Since both GT and ST are axial exhaust, the foundation height can be reduced.No steam is needed for the ST during startup, therefore reducing the Auxiliary Boiler size”(Capital Power,2016)GTCC stands for Gas (Combustion) Turbine Combined Cycle,CGS is Combustion (Gas) Turbine – Generator – Steam Turbine, SRT is Single casing Reheat Turbine(Capital Power,2016)                                                            Genesee mines:-Genesee mines has been supplying coal to Genesee station since 1988 and is the newest mine in the division (Westmoreland Coal Company, 2018) .

The Genesee Mine is a 7,378 Ha surface strip mine located in Central Alberta north of the Town of Warburg and close to Edmonton.  The mine operates two active pits and supplies sub-bituminous coal to the three units at the Genesee Generating Station which are owned by Capital Power and TransAlta Utilities and operated by Capital Power (Westmoreland Coal Company, 2018).Environmental Performance                                                                                                                                                          Genesee generating plant emits oxides of nitrogen (NOx), sulphur dioxide (SO2), carbon monoxide (CO), particulate matter smaller than 2.5 ?m (PM2.5), mercury (Hg) and ammonia (NH3) (Stantec consulting ltd,2013).NOX are produced in most combustion processes and are almost entirely made up of nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Together, they are often referred to as NOX. The oxidation of these compounds and their combination with water in atmosphere form nitric acid as a component of acid rain (Stantecconsulting ltd, 2013).

Sulphur dioxide further oxide & produce sulphuric acid when combine with water, sulphuric acid is also component of acid rain (Stantec consulting ltd, 2013).Carbon monoxide produce cardiovascular symptom in individual.Mercury is harmful to both human and wildlife. Ammonia can affect body if it contact the skin of eye and if it is inhaled (Stantec consulting ltd, 2013).Carbon dioxide emission rate is 953.92 kg/ MWh, its total emission is 8,873,134.45.

Sulphur dioxide emission rate is 1.79 kg/MWh and total emission is 16,680.24. Nitrogen oxide emission is 1.47 kg/MWhand total is 13,635.01 (North American Power Plant, 2016).                                                                              Table3:                                                                                                                                                Stack InformationNameHeight (m)Diameter (m)Exit Velocity (m/s)Exit Temperature (°C)GGS Stack 1-21217.

3235.83138GGS Stack Unit 31385.7422.585Note: From Government of Canada. (2017Environment and Climate Change Canada .

Retrieved January 17, 2018 from environmental performance- Carbon dioxide reduces 8 to10% than existing G1 & G2 units , which  is 18% lower than average Alberta coal generation.

SO2 emissions is 57% below Alberta standards .It meets US EPA emissions standards. NOx emissions is 20% reduction, meets Alberta standards. Particulate Matter emissions: >99.8% capture efficiency.(KindzierskiW,2007).In G3 plant ,$90 million investment in clean air technologies cuts nitrogen oxide emissions in half and stops 99.9 per cent of particulates from entering the atmosphere (TransAltaCorporation ,2017).

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