Genevieve CrenshawPeriod 1 Wolves have their own personalities, so much so that no two are alike. Similar to humans their personalities develop through unique emotions and thoughts. Living in different environments shapes you into who you are as a person, wolves all experience a different upbringing which forms them into something unique. Living in tundra, mountain areas, woodlands, forests, grasslands and deserts gives wolves the versatility that many other animals may not have.

Being superior to many other mammals in wildlife the wolf is a carnivore that eats a wide range of food such as deer, mountain goats, moose, elk, and bison. They tend to also hunt beavers, hares, fish, and birds. Being related to dogs, foxes, coyotes and jackals gives wolves some similar traits such as loyalty. Wolves are loyal to there pack, just as humans are loyal to their families. A pack of wolves- a group of wolves hunting together- but it’s much more than that in a sense. In the sense that when in a pack, you are in a family. A family is a tight bond of people that are bound together by blood.

My family isn’t just those that have been with me since birth, my family is everyone that has been there for me through thick and thin, no matter the odds. As I have been growing up and maturing through life I have lost and gained many friends, but recently I have come to the conclusion that all things happen for a reason in life. So as I have learned that you may lose members of your pack on the way through life you will also gain some.

 In a way this is what may be best for those around you because of the fact that not all friends last in the long run. Wolves can teach you to trust in your pack and take a lead in all that you do. But also you may have to follow the guidance of others in the pack so you can do what would be best for all of those around you.

When in a pack there is an alpha, the alphas are the male and female leaders of the pack. To be an alpha, gives the notion that you are supreme to others, for an example the alphas are the only ones in the pack that can create a larger liter by having more pups for the pack. Having the right to do this controls the pack from a greater level then everyone else.

Similar to a captain on a team is there to support their team and lift them up through the hardest times an alpha controls and directs what each wolf does. On my soccer team there isn’t an official captain on the team, we all support each other whether we are in last or first. Unlike a wolf pack when you are on a team with no named captain, everyone is equal, everyone can be an alpha. To me to be an alpha is to take care, provide for, and to protect your pack, I would do anything to protect my teammates. My teammates have been there through everything with me, we always ban together when something comes awry.

Recently one of the girls on my team tore her ACL, which is a year long recovery, but all of us want and need to stand buy her throughout this process, so we are doing all that we can to support her. Being such a close knit group girls on this team, when I heard that this happened to her I couldn’t believe my ears, I looked at my mom and said, “This has to be a joke, no way!”. But I thought about it afterwards and realized instead of being in doubt about the events that had taken place, I needed to offer all of the support possible. With traits such as loyalty, communication, and a deep desire for freedom wolves relate to me on a level that I cannot understand. When it comes to loyalty I feel that when I make friends with a certain person, there is a bond that I feel I have made with them that cannot be broken. Having this bond creates something many people do no have, which is trust. To trust someone is hard, because then you must have hope in them and you could get let down.

Communication is a large part of my life, my mom has always told me that I can tell her anything, so this has made me a very straight forward person. Being such a blunt person can be a flaw in some ways. For example many people cannot handle the truth from others, but those tend to be the people that I am not friends with. So for college I always thought I would go away because when you grow up in the same area for your whole life with the same people, I would imagine there would be some desire for freedom.

Well I know I have had this desire ever since high school began. Experiencing high school has been great with the friends that I have made, but I can’t wait to go away and be an independent person somewhere different. Wolves can teach everyone to be confident and loyal to people in their lives.

They have taught me to be loyal to your friends and family no matter the circumstance, to trust them, and to go for what you desire in life. Be yourself you will find your pack somewhere, once you find them trust and guide them through your friendship. Wolves are a strong mammal that has created a better way to think about family and friends. If you can use traits that wolves possess in your everyday life you may get along better in life.

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