Genting Group was founded by Malaysia enterpreneur named Tan Sri
Lim Goh Tong in year 1965 as a development of a family holiday resort in
Malaysia named as Resort World Genting. Genting Group have contained five holding
company such as Genting Berhad, subdsidiaries company which is 49.3% Genting
Malaysia Berhad, 51.9% Genting Plantations Berhad, 52.8% Genting Singapore PLC
and 100% Genting Energy Limited. Other than that, The Group has grown steadily
over the years and become a diversified global corporation that it is as today.
Genting Berhad has expanded the business and diversified into plantations
activity, biotechnology activity, e-commerce activity, power generation, oil
and gas, information technology and properties, investment holding and
management servises. Genting Berhad is the parent company or holding company
that help to manage it subsidiary companies’s investment. Genting Berhad have
involved in the hospitality and leisure business with covering gaming, hotels, shops,
restaurant, seaside resorts, gambling, entertainment, theme parks ( outdoor and
indoor), tours and travel related supporting
services for over 52 years.

Genting Berhad’s vision statement is to
be the leading multinational corporation committed to constantly maximize their
shareholder’s value and remain constant and generate the long-term sustainable
growth and profit in their core businesses. Next, Genting Berhad has five mission statements and the first one are about
they will be responsible to the changing of customer demands, and excel in
providing high and best quality products and services to their customer. Furthermore,
they will perform to be creative, innovative and adoption of new technology to
achieve competitive advantage from their competitor across the industry and
build strong relationship with their customer. Moreover, they will generate a
fairness return to their shareholders. By another side, they pursue the contributions
of employees and staff, personnel policies, reward performance, and provide
proper training to their staff or employee, development and opportunities for
company’s career advancement. At last of the mission statement, they used to be
a responsible corporate citizen, performed to increase the corporate governance
and transparency.

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