German concentration camps and North Korean prison camps. You may think that the Holocaust is history, but it is still in the present. Similar atrocious events that happened in Germany are still occuring in North Korea. Germany had a vicious way to execute the faultless jews, and North korea is showing an astounding connection, in the way they discipline their people. This is a modern issue that nobody is conversing, the nefarious tort needs to end.Former German leader Adolf Hitler and current leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un,  possess similar traits, especially with the way they regulate their countries.”The North Korean human rights violations are “strikingly similar” to the atrocities committed by the Nazis. “(Weber). Both leaders are dictators and are held at great values by the citizens of their countries. German citizens were naize to the fact that their president was a anti semitic who mislead them. North korean citizens are also oblivious to the reality that they are in a thralldom and that they have no freedom.Kim Jong-un is insecure and fears that his power will be taking away from him, and that is one of the reason that he runs his country strictly. Shockingly Adolf was as insecure with the way he viewed the jews, he felt that they would betray the germans if they had the chance. North Korea has a  villainous penitentiary camps were they torture prisoners and sometimes lynch them. The prison guards are the lowlifes who do the dirty job, just like the guards of the nazi concentration camps, they were more evil than adolf hitler. The guards disdain and scourge the prisoners. North korean guards are dastards. “Those who die are the lucky ones,” said one former guard. The North Korean prison guards “do not see them as human beings, just as animals,” (Pickrell). The way the guards treat the prisoners are horrific and repugnant. Most prisoners are used for experimentation when they fall ill, just like the way jews were also used for research “Approximately 7,000 Jews, Gypsies, and prisoners of war were used as human guinea pigs in these experiments, conducted by trained Nazi medical doctors” (Staff, MJL). Countries are not doing anything to hinder the everyday agony that North Korean citizens go through. Nobody stepped up to give aid to the jews, until it was to late and 6 million of them had been killed. When people compare North Korea’s brutality and the ferocity of Nazi Germany, the only difference they find are the amount of victims. People always say North Korea is way better because they haven’t kill millions of people, but north korea is actually getting worse, because they are isolated it makes assisting the North Korean citizens arduous. Innocent people are suffering every day in North Korea, just like the jews suffered in the hands of Germany, the conditions in North Korea is poor and inhumane, prisoners are maimed and malnourished. “prisoners suffered abuse and humiliation” (Wachsmann). This is an abomination.This depravity needs to come to an end, before it results to another world war. Rescues are urgent and it has to happen quickly, before millions of innocent people lose their lives. Countries need to cooperate and work together to put a halt to the folly, and people need to become more aware of the situation.

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