Getting admitted to the dental school is one of the proudest accomplishmentsof my existence. I feel becoming a healthcare worker is the ideal approach tomake a difference in lives of people. My stimulation was also due to real lifecircumstances. I saw people suffered because of limited access to medical care.After completion of my degree, I did an internship of one year. By applying myskills at the internship, I got an idea of my principal strengths and areas forimprovement.

To fulfill my preference of working for the betterment of people,I started working with charitable organizations in India. I attained experiencein two ways: which are the management of dental office along with work ofproviding health care services to the people, which is something I reallyenjoyed. The understanding that this type of work fits well with my logical andsystematic nature has further motivated me to study higher education inmanagement. So, Enrolled at the Toi Ohomai institute of technology, NewZealand, I experienced a different world opening up to me; excited by newencouraging surroundings, I performed well academically. I learned that if Itried hard, I could succeed; if I wanted something badly enough, I possessedthe ability to take advantage of these opportunities.

I have attained advancedknowledge and skills to critically evaluate research methodologies andframeworks and their application within advanced management studies. I havedeveloped and implemented work integrated management plans and evaluated theiroutcomes. I selected an area of research, formulated research questions andhypotheses, conducted a literature review and selected a methodologicalapproach and created both research approval and ethics approval applicationdocuments and thesis project. I have critically analyzed and compared theconcepts of governance and management in healthcare.

I planned the use of threemain principles of the Treaty of Waitangi to structure services to address thehealth needs. Never did I make duewith a B-or C+. On the off chance that I got one, I would ask what I ought todo to improve my performance and then, I follow that Idea.

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